That Demon Within


That Demon Within is a 2014 action/horror movie directed by renowned Hong Kong director Dante Lam.

As with many of Lam’s films, this one too revolves around a good cop and a gang of criminals. The central storyline has been tweaked by the director to show the nervous breakdown that the protagonist is going through, with bold red colors and other vivid photography. The hero Dav Wong played by Daniel Wu, then goes through a series of emotional and psychological changes as he teams up with a notorious criminal to hit back on the gang.

The gang members are shown to wear traditional horror masks as they loot and arson their way throughout the film. The climax involves a jaw-dropping piece of action sequence that could give a lesson to Hollywood in set demolition.

The action sequences are phenomenal and the cinematography is also a treat for the eyes, but overall the film is let down by a weak plot.

Director: Dante Lam
Cast: Daniel Wu, Nick Cheung, Lam Kar-wah, Chi Kuan-chun, Christie Chen, Astrid Chan, Liu Kai-chi and Stephen Au Kam-tong
Run time: 112 minutes



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