Son Of God


Son of God is a 2014 American biblical fantasy movie.

There is nothing new to say here – whenever someone hears a phrase like “Son of God”, he/she would obviously associate it with a historical figure known as Jesus of Nazareth.

Yes, this movie is about that same figure. Before we get in to all the fine details like reviewing the performance of the lead actors or criticizing plot points, let me as one question – how many movies can the hollywood make about one person? I mean, come on we all know the story of Jesus, we have seen it in dozens of movies before – and of course, read the bible. You take a story and tell it enough number of times, even the bestselling ones get rotten after a time, especially when retells it in a manner as has been done in the Son of God.

The movie falls prey to starchy “sophomoric” literalism, with Jesus’ teachings sounding like carefully rehearsed speeches that politicians are so good at giving in re-election rallies, and the miracles feeling more like cheap, stage-managed magic tricks. With a narrative that is too simplistic and dramatization that’s so inert, it is not possible for the film to pass through as an work of art depicting the life of possibly one of the most well-known personalities to have ever existed.

Director: Christopher Spencer
Cast: Diogo Morgado
Run time: 138 minutes
Rating: PG13



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