In case you are living under a rock, there will be a new movie out featuring both Batman and Superman called, (surprise, surprise) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It will be a sequel to the latest Superman film, Man of Steel and will introduce a few characters that will eventually form the Justice League, another movie in the pipeline a few years down the road.

Filming has already begun in Detroit and a fan somehow managed to get a few shots of the new Batmobile. Under the name of amacro13, this Instagram user posted these leaked pictures of the Batmobile and it is really so cool. The Batmobile looks almost like a cross between a Transformer and Knight Ryder, much badder than the previous Batmobile. However this movie is still at least another 1.5 years away from release but DC and Warner Bros. have invested heavily into this movie to rival the success of Marvel. Check out the leaked pics:

Latest updates: The film’s director, Zack Synder has decided to respond to the leaked pictures of the new Batmobile by upping the ante and showing a much better and clearer picture of the Batmobile on Twitter in all its super high-resolution glory. Check the blazing guns on the top!

What do you think of it?