The Iron Man movie franchise is one of the most successful series in the Marvel Studios. Iron Man 3 came in 5th top grossing film of all time, with more than a billion dollars in total sales, and just 2 spots behind The Avengers. If you have asked the question about when Iron Man 4 is going to be released, you will certainly not be the first. So when are we going to hear something about Iron Man 4?

Unfortunately, we are sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but apparently, there is NO Iron Man 4 in the pipeline. At all.

When asked by the media, Robert Downey Jr. replied matter-of-factly:

“There isn’t one in the pipe. No, there’s no plan for a fourth Iron Man.

If you didn’t know, Disney and Marvel Studios had a tough time, but ultimately managed to sign a contract to cast Robert Downey Jr. for 2 more times in The Avengers: Age of Ultron and the untitled Avengers 3, scheduled release in 2018. After which, there has been no mention of Iron Man 4 in anybody’s plans, even though Robert has never said that he was not interested in the idea.

Nevertheless, Robert is going to be 50 years old already and he has probably made enough money to last a lifetime. This, along with the fact that he sustained a serious leg injury while filming Iron Man 3, might be reasons why there isn’t any Iron Man 4 on the cards. However, we do know that Marvel is extremely interested in making another easy billion dollars (i.e. filming Iron Man 4), as they have even surveyed their fans about it with resounding positive responses. But it is probably up to Disney to make an offer, which may not be the easiest thing, since they are dealing with Marvel’s highest paid actor, Robert Downey Jr.

Thus, until then, it may be better not to sit on the edge of your pants waiting for Iron Man 4, because as far as we know now, there is absolutely no plans for it. Sorry Iron Man fans!