District B13


Brick Mansions is a remake of the popular French movie franchise starter District B13.

The film, although a remake of the French original, does not do justice to the plot and storyline. In fact, even though Brick Mansions is the last film of the talented Fast & Furious star Paul Walker, it is not good enough to honor the memory of the actor who was such a good talent.

The film is most likely to disappoint you no matter how much you like Paul Walker. The film is more a allegory on class and race, and the film makes it look like it is in search or in need of a real script.

The one thing that does work in the film is Walker’s charisma. Walker radiates that same golden boy charisma that made the Fast & Furious films such a hit. Nut he is again let down by a script that does not give him enough space to perform and only gives cop-cliché dialogues and that once in a while dry humor that seems like a oasis in a desert far between.



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