Lots of photos and lots of updates from our local celebrities. Who are you a fan of? We would love to hear from you. Anyway, we scoured the web and found some of our favorite snaps over the past week. And it’s Friday, go out, go crazy and enjoy the weekend!

Chua En Lai and Jade Seah on this hilarious selfie-attempt.

Jade Seah looking adorably chic in this outfit.

Mark Lee and Eric Tsang enjoying durians

Joanne Peh receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses on Chinese Valentine’s Day

Felicia Chin with this mystic short clip…

Dasmond Koh and the rare appearance of Rui En having a good time on this selfie

Jeanette Aw and her macarons

Tosh hanging out with Justin & Vernon on Muttons On The Move!

Jean Danker and Bernand Lim selfie

and finally….

Elvin Ng looking cool and this ‘deep’ quote: you learn to take the driver’s seat sometimes; it depends who joins you on this journey, or the next, or not. enjoy the ride anyway, but you don’t always have to be driving.