Wanted: A Girlfriend!


Some boys just don’t have the guts to ask out that one girl they particularly like. They would fear that the girl rejects the offers of dates, and humiliation from rejection is something that they do not want to deal. A simple effort of initiating a conversation would then become a task so impossible that the chance for a budding romance would just slip. Guys, you need to know that it’s not that hard to get the girl you’ve always wanted. When you feel that you have really fallen for a girl, then just be yourself. It may be easier said than done, but you can get by.

Dating Tips for Men

When guys get no for an answer, it’s like a hard slap in the face and it may be hard for him to accept rejection from the one girl who rocks his world. But if you will follow the advice and tips stated in this article, it will help you get up on your feet again, and pretty soon, you will have that girl of your dreams say yes to you. Take it from a girl who knows how a girl feels and what a girl expects from a boy.

Why Do You Need a Girlfriend Anyway?

The first thing you need to understand is to get a girlfriend for all the right reasons. Getting a girlfriend is not to boost your ego or impress your friends. It’s not also about getting the hottest chick in class or at work. It’s about real relationship and everything beautiful that comes with it. The bottom line is that you should get that girl because you love her personality and you believe that being together would make you happy. Just so you know, girls would really be turned on if you think of it that way.

Get to Know Your Girl

Strike up a good and meaningful conversation with her. Ideally, you need to find someone who could have the same interests as you do. If the girl doesn’t like what you like, sometimes it does happen that you might get along just fine anyway. The bottom line is that relationship and love is about that certain chemistry that both of you have. Being different from each other and liking different stuffs could sometimes help because in this way, you will never be bored with your partner as you will always have some new things to talk about. The only important thing there is to respect each other’s differences. What others think of you as a couple will not matter at all; what matters is how you both get along with each other.

Be Confident

To tell you the truth, a girl would really appreciate it if a guy acts the way he is, and knows what he has and what he is as a person. If you find that you are not confident enough, you need to think first and start building that confidence. Just remember to act naturally, because if you fake out your personality, in the end, you will be the one to suffer. You know you could be that loving guy that a girl will always want so use that to your advantage. Romance can be yours at any moment and you could be surprised at how people will remember you for that. Surely, your future girlfriend would love that quality in you.

What Women Really Want

When talking to your girl, be sure to make eye contact. Some girls would really play hard-to-get because they need to know if the guy is serious enough to want them. Like guys, girls also don’t like rejection. So, miscommunication may just hinder everything. That is why, it is so important that you make eye contact when you talk to her. Look deep into her eyes as you tell her things that she needed to hear. When you do so, focus and listen to your heart, for then you’ll know if she’s the one you’ve been looking for. This may not be easy as you think as body language can be misinterpreted. You might take her body language as a sign of rejection when in fact it is not and then your fears then take over. So, just look straight into her eyes and you will know for sure what it is that she’s feeling.

Make Yourself Boyfriend Material

Respect is a very important factor in a relationship. Before you get a girlfriend, assess yourself alone and being with other people. Do you have a positive outlook in life, and are you doing all you can to be better person? If you say no to those, then you might not be boyfriend material after all, and you might not get yourself a wonderful lady to say yes to a date. Respect is very important to a girl. It can be considered one of the contributors of a strong relationship; it’s what every girl wants, needs and deserves.

How to Sustain the Relationship

You might realize now that getting the girl of your dreams won’t be so hard after all, it’s about acting naturally. Now the real work in a relationship is sustaining it. Relationships should be nurtured and you need to do things right so you can really reap the benefits of it. Just remember that being a good boyfriend by giving respect to your girl and to yourself is really important. Make sure that you listen to her when she means what she says. You should also keep in mind that at one point or another, it’s great to make sacrifices for that special girl in your life. You should always aim to keep your girl happy. Keeping her happy would make you happy as well and that would be a great way to maintain a relationship.

Tips to Become the Best Boyfriend
• Give her one of your oversized shirts to sleep in
• Give her attention especially when you are with other people; you might give her a kiss
• Send her cute SMS
• Remind her often that she’s beautiful
• When you talk to her, look into her eyes
• Let her play with your hair
• Enjoy being by her side when you go out for a walk
• Hold her hands both in private and public areas
• Let her fall asleep in your arms
• If you need to be close to her, grab her by her waist

The Best Boyfriends Should Keep These in Mind:
Do not talk about other girls when you’re around her. Other people should not matter and what others think doesn’t matter as well. Make her feel that she matters to you and that you care so much about her. And lastly, don’t ever ignore her calls or text messages.