Top 5 Dating Turn-Offs


Dating turn-offs vary from person to person and are affected only by personal choices. Something which a person loves about the other person might be a good enough reason for divorce for another couple. You may like your date’s hair to be colored red, her winking may be normal to you and you may love the carefree attitude. Still, there are some things, which you always look for in your date:

Personal Hygene

At the top of the list for most date disasters will usually be personal hygiene. Men are believed to generally over look it. They should keep in mind that tucking in your shirt and washing your face is not good enough to give a lasting first impression. You should always do your best to impress your date on the first meeting itself as it could make or break your chances of having a lasting impression. Men should always shave, take bath and wear a nice perfume and deodorant if necessary. A T-shirt and Jeans can also do the trick for you if it’s nicely worn and suits your personality. Always brush your teeth as bad mouth odor is a big turn off. It’s time for you to shine, so shine to the best of your ability.

Dress Sense

Your clothes can surely be a prominent dating turn-off. If you don’t know how to dress for a date properly then spend some time learning. It can happen that a girl on her first date may be dressed as a princess only to meet a boy who is least bothered about his dirty shirt or his worn out and ragged jeans. It really breaks a girl’s heart as this was not her idea of the perfect first date. A Gucci or Armani is not always necessary, but a properly worn dress in which you are comfortable and is well fitted will always have a good and lasting impression. Try to schedule your date at lunch hours of your work. You’ll always be properly dressed and will not have to put in much extra effort for that. But if you work at a place where your clothes are bound to get tacky then postpone your date till dinner-time. Men should try to be in a properly buttoned shirt with sober trousers to look neat and presentable. No need for beach shirts and jeans kind of outfits. Women should definitely look stylish but should not be flashy. Too much into fashion and you might be out early.

Money Talk

Money can become a dating turn-off if it is portrayed in the wrong manner. If you talk about your wealth too much then your date might feel bad if she is not of the same status. If you are weak on this regard and have broken down, then you are definitely out. To be ambitious is good but it should not be forced upon your date on the first meeting. Never try to be desperate and chat about your inner desires for the riches that it suffocates your date. You have come to meet her to develop a relationship and not to become business partners. You might want to become Donald trump but you should keep in mind that your date might not want Donald trump as her lover and hubby. Never try to undermine your date if the other person is not of the same financial class. Gauge the situation and adjust accordingly. Of course, if you are a millionaire then don’t be a millionaire in front of her until you have decided to spend your life with her.


Nobody likes liars, absolutely nobody! Lying if caught is a big dating turn-off and is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes you will lie to present yourself as someone who is attractive, interesting or hide some of the shortcomings of your personality. Some little white lies might go away or may be neglected in laughter, but the trust that you need to develop may die sooner or later. The basic and necessary requirement of a successful relationship is to trust the other person as you will have to on many occasions if you decide to live together. If you are caught then you will regret your acts and will never be able to control the consequences.


Drinking excessively is surely a dating turn-off especially among women. If the man comes drunk for a date and is already out of his senses, which girl would like to even talk to such a person? If you are young then you would prefer to meet at a nearby club or a bar. Girls reveal that such dates have been a disaster many a times as the guys get drunk by the end and they have to move out. Some people like to drink on dates to cool down their nerves a bit. A drink or two can work wonders for people as they feel relaxed and are confident enough to talk frankly about anything. If that’s the case then it, I’m in support of the argument as it will be acceptable to many. But too much vodka and you will definitely be down and out. Even a couple of strong bears can makes your breath smell s bad that the other person would not want to even sit close to you. So control yourself and if you want, drink in moderation when you have plans for a date.




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