Surviving a Break-Up


It does not matter who has called for a breakup. Breaking up is difficult for both the parties involved. You might have the feeling that you will never get out of this in one piece but you certainly will. Breaking up is a part of the dating and romance cycle and there is no one who has not had to undergo it once in a lifetime. This could have been self imposed or imposed on you by someone else.
The things that you need to do to make this process simple:

1. Get in touch with your friends and make plans. This will ensure that you are never alone to mop around. Friends can really help you to lift your spirits and get you on the enjoyment and life track once more.

2. Voice your feelings rather than keep them bottled up. You can revisit your old memories and cry your heart out if you feel like it. It is always a good idea to talk things over with someone who you can trust and is close to you.

3. Give yourself the time required to come to terms with the breakup. This will make certain that you are ready for any future relationships. Time is a real healer. It heals all kinds of wounds and broken hearts is a part of that. It will enable you to come out of this experience after having considered it as a learning experience. You will come out stronger.

4. Let yourself know that this sad phase will pass too. Nothing lasts forever and so with this particular phase of your life. You will be able to outgrow this and continue with your life once again.

5. Ensure that you are busy all the time. Have a lot of fun be in by way of sports, movies, classes or music. Do not have too much time on your hands as this will force you to feel despondent and mop. Keep yourself occupied and your mind will be diverted.

6. Indulgence is good once in a while. Reward yourself by way of a massage, a weekend trip or a new dress. Try to enhance the feel good factor by doing things that help you do so. Reward yourself regularly with little things that will make you feel upbeat.

7. Start entering the dating arena whenever you are ready. Ask your friends to help you get dates and never ever refuse a party invite. Once you are a part of the dating circle once again you might find someone good and move on leaving the hurtful past behind you forever.

8. Do not immediately try to think of the reasons why things went wrong. When your confidence is on an upward swing you could do that.

9. Try and store the good times away. Try to look forward to the new phase of your life. Build up the excitement of the new things and learning that will come your way soon. Remember change is the only constant in life and learn to deal with it.

Things that you need to be wary of:

  • Once you have decided to break up make a clean break. Do not try for interim patch ups as these will not work. Get all the unresolved concerns out of your system as this will enable you to move on with no harboring of hard feelings within.
  • Do not think that sleeping with your ex will make things work for you.
  • Do not do things that you will regret later. Give yourself cool down time. Ask for help and support from your loved ones whenever you feel the need.




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