Simple Secrets of the Happiest Couples


Happy couples are happy because they do certain things correctly. These things are not necessarily complex or even revolutionary. Given below are some of the habits, which you will do well to know about and follow.

1. Do not forget pleasantries and do communicate

It is possible that over a period of time, you do tend to take each other for granted. This can lead to people not communicating enough and even missing out on exchanging courteous pleasantries about how the day went and so on. You must reach out to your spouse and occasionally check as to how he or she is doing and how the day has been for him or her.

2. Expand your friends circle

Your spouse can be your best friend and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it is essential for you to also expand your own friends circle so that you do not end up putting too much pressure on your spouse and also give him or her space. Do not expect your spouse to be Mr. Everything at all times.

3. Express gratitude

As mentioned above, it is easy to take each other for granted and that is not a desirable trait. You need to express your gratitude for things that your spouse does for you. It is also necessary to let certain things about your spouse that would normally irritate you to let go and be tolerant about them. For instance, you may get irritated about the number of papers he leaves on the table or about the fact that he makes annoying clicking sounds while eating, TV watching while you are having to attend to the kid’s lessons or even about putting his shoes in the wrong place. You must develop sufficient tolerance to let go and also hope that he too is tolerant about some of your irritating mannerisms. That is the only way couples can live together happily and without any acrimony.

4. Contentment is the key

It is said that happy people are not happy because they have certain things but because they are content with the things they have. This is a mantra which is important and needs to be followed by couples wishing to be happy through their lives. There is no point in brooding about things you do not possess. Material possessions do give happiness but they are transient. True happiness comes from contentment with the fact that you have a good family, a decent home with basic needs covered and you are also doing your bit to make the home a happy one. Contentment along with gratitude needs to be expressed and followed.

5. Learn to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life

It is not essential to spend a fortune on fancy dinners at expensive restaurants to be happy. Cooking something at home while your spouse and kid are having their own little fun or having a small picnic meal by the lawn are all things that are simple and can give a lot of pleasure. It is up to you to savor these moments and get happy.

6. Thriftiness should not be considered as an embarrassment

Just because you are careful about your spending does not mean that you need to feel awkward about it. If you have set certain goals in your mind and are saving towards it, then you should not feel embarrassed about your thriftiness and should not mind people who might comment on it. You must also have friends who love you for your disposition and not for your money or the way you spend it.

7. Have a positive outlook always

It is necessary to brood less and feel positive about the present as well as the future. You need to derive happiness from every moment you are spending with your family and that is sure to rub off on everybody in the family and they would also start feeling the same.




  1. This is slightly besides the point but research has shown that merely 10% of all couples still remain in the “wildly romantic” stage many years into their marriage.

    The other 90% have to put in a bit more effort in nurturing their relationships.

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