Men: 5 Sexy Perfumes For Her


Has your attention been caught by one particular woman and you are trying to find a way to have a date with her? Giving a surprise present would perhaps endear you to this special person and if you are thinking of something that will be appreciated and enjoyed, why not try perfume?

Perfume is one thing that most women love. Women just love to smell good in order to be captivating and seductive. There are many different kind of fragrances to choose from but some are exceptionally more expensive than the rest. There are fragrances that can be specifically used for the day while others are only suitable for the night. If you are thinking of gifting your special one with perfume, be sure to find one that will fit her taste and personality. Women would surely prefer the Chanel No 5 and you would certainly be getting more than a simple thank you if you will gift her with the fragrance. Perfume means you consider her as someone special and if you want to get her attention and perhaps create a good relationship, you can always show your feelings with a bottle of perfume. It would be a very good surprise and one which you will certainly enjoy once you get a sniff of one of the sexiest perfumes ever to be created.

If you want to know your woman’s particular favorite, go and ask her friends. Some women just wear one kind of a scent all their life and if you cannot recognize it, try asking her but don’t give away the fact that you are planning to purchase one for a surprise. If she does not have any particular favorites, here is a list to help you out.
1. Chanel No. 5 – if you want something sexually provocative, this original perfume by Coco Chanel embodies sensuality. This perfume exemplifies the ultimate in femininity. This perfume also signifies luxury and the most attractive addition to the dresser top. With the Chanel No. 5 you can never go wrong and the gift is guaranteed to be well appreciated.

2. Coco Chanel – one of Coco Chanel’s quotes a woman who does not wear perfume has no future. Many women indeed like this quote and asked where one should wear the perfume. Wherever one wants to be kissed – Coco Chanel. A woman can certainly be unforgettable with this sensuous scent.

3. Dolce & Gabbana’s Pour de Femme – this is one fragrance that can be worn every day as it not so overwhelming but classy. It is not overdone but smells sensual, so much that it can turn heads. This perfume is definitely top of the line and can be a wonderful gift for the special someone in your life.

4. Lacoste’s Touch of Pink – makes one think of tender and natural femininity. It is a blend of the fruity and floral which is excellent for someone young and active. It can be captivating for its youthful sensuality.

5. Calvin Klein’s Obsession – an intense and provocative perfume that can be considered as super hot. You don’t need to be overly cautious with the application for its real spicy scent develops on the skin for hours
If you are considering any of the perfumes listed above as a gift for the special woman of your life, there are a few tips to prevent you from going wrong with your choice.

• Choose the correct size, nothing too small that will be considered as cheap but not so big as to be ostentatious. Don’t allow the sales clerk to bully you into buying the biggest bottle. She just wants to make a big sale. It may turn out that you special one does not like the scent and all the efforts and money would just go to waste. The 1.7 oz. bottle is just the right size.

• Perfume on paper is not the same as perfume on the skin. In some department stores, they wave the paper on your nose to give you a hint on the fragrance. This is not certainly the same as trying it on the skin.

• The best way of buying the perfume is on knowing what you want. That is why buying the perfume online is the same as buying it from the department stores. Both ways, you don’t get to sample the product.

• Take particular care of the scent that you special someone loves. If you pay attention to her more often you can certainly get hints on what she prefers. Knowing the brand, you can certainly buy one bottle from the family. Chanel has several perfumes and they are numbered like the Chanel No. 5.

• Even if it is cheaper, don’t buy the refill. Buy the perfume in its original bottle. Many scents are identified through their bottles and many women just can’t resist the idea of adding the perfume bottle to their collection on top of the dresser.

• Perfume is very personal. Most of the younger women go for the floral scents while those older often prefer the musky seductive scents. Perfume is also determined by the woman’s lifestyle and what they like to do. Due to the vast array of fragrances that are being introduced consistently, the choices are almost unlimited.

• The right packaging means so much to a woman. With a few dollars more, you can have the perfume gift wrapped to make it more presentable and note worthy. Women like to feel special and you can never go wrong in your pursuit to get the special someone to be a part of your life.




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