Signs That Your Man Is Ready For Marriage


So you’ve been going out with him for a couple of years and he seems not in a hurry to pop the all-important question? Despite the hints that you have been throwing his way, he appears like he’s yet to make up his mind on whether he’s to spend the rest of his life with you. Do not lose heart. Men are very careful when choosing life partners which makes them take their time before deciding to settle down. But ladies there is no need to despair, here are some practical signs that will help you know if your man is ready to settle down with you or he is just taking you for a ride.

He loves to talk about and makes plans about the future

If your man keeps talking about marriage and your future together, then that is evident enough that in the near future he is likely to pop the question. Similarly, a man who constantly talks positively about his friends who have already settled down is likely to be getting into marriage sooner.

He spends more time with you than with his family and buddies

For a man to forego the good times he would be having with his buddies in order to be with you is a sure sign that he is ready to settle down with you. In most instances, men will spend a lot of time with their girlfriends at the initial stages of the relationship. But when the relationship is more established he prefers to spend the weekend with the ‘boys’. So if your man still wants to be around you even after dating for years, it’s a positive sign that he’s taking the relationship seriously and is willing to take it to the next level.

He introduces you to his family and buddies

When a man loves a lady and wants to settle down with her, it’s almost impossible for him to hide it and actually he is willing to show her off to his family and friends.

He enjoys the company of your family

If a man appears to be at ease with your family and even goes to the extent of doing things with them, he has obviously embraced them as part of his life. Further, if he likes to be with your siblings and even hang out together and is genuinely happy around them; he is likely to definitely pop the question as he feels as part of your family.

He likes talking about kids

If a man embraces the idea of being a father and goes ahead to suggest that you would make good mother, then he is ready to settle down. Such a man will seek the opinion of the lady on how she feels about kids just to be sure if they are on the same platform.

He is willing to give up some bad habits

A man who is contemplating marriage wants to appear responsible and is willing to give up habits such as drinking too much or heavy smoking.




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