Signs that She is Ready for Marriage


You should at least know whether the woman in your life is ready for marriage or not before you can go ahead and propose. Being in a relationship with you is not enough to conclude that she would accept anytime you propose. You have to realize that marriage is a big step for everyone hence it is not something to get into without careful consideration. Knowing whether she is ready or not can be quite simple you just have to be keen enough to recognize the signs.

She talks about marriage all the time
One of the signs to know she is ready is from the way she talks and especially on matters to do with marriage. She will ask you what you think about marriage and the moment you realize she has opened this topic, you know she is ready. Someone who is not ready will always avoid the topic and would not want to discuss anything on it.

Involving family
You will know she is ready to settle down into marriage when she doesn’t mind you getting involved with her family and especially the parents. She would ask you when you plan to meet her family or make arrangements for both of you to go visiting. She just wants to know how serious you are and this is the time to proceed with your plans.

Getting serious
If your woman is ready for marriage she, will become more serious with the relationship and even start to behave differently. She takes everything about the relationship serious especially when you discuss your future together. When her actions show that she really loves and is happy with you, chances of you being turned down when you propose are low.

Talking about kids
A woman who is ready for marriage will also talk about kids and the way she talks will tell you she does not mind having them with you. She may ask you how many kids you would like to have or tell you how many she’d like.

Her future plans
You can also look at how she makes her future plans and whether she includes you in them or not. She might suddenly start referring to ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ and this should tell that she is ready anytime for marriage. She will also involve you in any plans she makes in her career. When she insists that you start talking about your future and make plans, you know she has already decided who she wants to marry.

Married friends
If she is ready too, she will keep referring to friends who are married and point out how good it is to be married. You will know she wants you to propose to her when she starts pointing out how happy both of you will be when you get married. Most of the time women who are ready to get married will start dropping hints and if you are ready too, you can be sure you won’t miss them.