How to Get a Girl to Like You


It is not an easy task getting a woman to like you. Many men are thinking about how they can impress women and win their hearts. Women are indeed considered one of God’s wonderful but at the same time quite mysterious creations.

Given below are some tips on how to succeed and get the girl of your dreams to like you:

Act natural and try to be yourself

Many people try to put on an act as they feel that is one way to impress women. However faking is something that women do not enjoy or respect and they can easily pick out somebody who is attempting to project himself as somebody else and not him. Women place a great deal of emphasis on trust and honesty and when she finds somebody putting on an act, she loses the confidence in him and would not like to entrust herself to him.

Get involved and feel free to interact with women in a positive fashion

If you are one of those who feels awkward in the presence of women and do not know how to interact with them, then do not lose confidence. It is likely that this shyness is due to the fact that you have mainly interacted only with male members on a regular basis. It will take some time for you but with some practice, you will overcome this shyness. It is important to follow some basic guidelines on how to interact with them and for understanding them; you can start with observing how interactions take place with the womenfolk in your family. It is possible to pick up some nuances of how to speak and behave with them through such experiences. You can also interact and speak with the women members in your family without feeling embarrassed and slowly acquire the confidence to do so with other women not known to you.

Keeping away from interacting with women due to the fact that you are shy or not confident will not help your cause. You must understand that even women are not free from such personality traits and may at times also feel shy to speak to men. When you approach a girl, keep in mind that they too want guys to look at them and seek their attention. It is thus a natural and normal desire between both the sexes to feel desired and wanted by the other sex.

Never compromise on being decent and courteous

Most women know that men are on their best behavior and are enjoyable company when they are with them but to maintain a high level of decency, good manners and courteousness is what sets a real man apart from the rest and that is what women seek in their partners. Make sure you exhibit those qualities by helping somebody cross the road or by showing your kindness towards animals. Women like these qualities of compassion, kindness and feeling for others in their men and that is what you must exhibit whenever you get the opportunity to win her heart. You must show your considerate nature to everybody regardless of age, sex or profession. However, make sure you do not fake this activity as you are most likely to get caught and the entire thing can backfire pretty badly on you.

Always be well groomed

Though it would appear as if some women find men who are unkempt and badly groomed sexy, the reality is that women want their partners to always smell nice and be well dressed. All your handsomeness and money are useless if you happen to have body odor and women will never come near you. So ensure you are always well groomed, neat and pleasant smelling.

Show that you can be good friend

Relationships between men and women need not always be of a sexual kind. There is lot of room for platonic relationships as well and every relationship need not always end up in the bed. A pure friendship over course of time may develop into a romantic one depending on how the partners feel about each other, but you must not approach every relationship with the primary intent of dragging a woman into your bed.

You are most likely to gain her favor when she is comfortable with your company and you exhibit your interest in what she has to say. Listening to her, treating her with respect and keeping away from any sexual motives will give her the confidence that she can trust you and over time, the relationship can progress to its logical conclusion. It is necessary for you to show patience and not give her the impression that you are keen to drag her into bed with you.

The above tips, though not fool-proof, should definitely help get you a lot closer to attract the girl of your dreams.




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