Forgiveness – Healing for You & Me


The act of forgiving is a very powerful one and must be considered as a unique gift bestowed on somebody who performs this act. The person who decides to forgive someone always comes out a winner and it is only those whose inner self is very strong can initiate such an action. The best thing about the act of forgiving somebody is that both the parties benefit tremendously and this by itself can trigger off a huge wave of healing within all people afflicted with the feeling of angst.

You need to seize every opportunity in life to forgive people who you think have wronged you or circumstances through which you are put into difficulty. It requires great inner fortitude and magnanimity to do so but rather than avoiding people who make you uncomfortable or thinking negative of somebody who does not measure up to your expectations, it is preferable to forgive them and develop positive thoughts about them in the process.

Make the effort of forgiving somebody who has hurt you deeply through his or her action and set yourself free from the self imposed prison that you seem to have got yourself into. By forgiving that person, you would be demonstrating great strength of character and will no longer continue to feel troubled by the actions of that person.

Through the act of forgiveness, you will be able to connect to the divine source, provide that touch of healing to people and communities that are hurting and raise positive hopes within people who have given up all hope. The act also sets you free from all emotional encumbrances of guilt, revenge and angst.