Essential Body Language During Dates


If you want to attract someone to you see that your body is sending out the right signals across.

The language of the body is the one that never lies and sends across important messages unknowingly. Women are well-known to have done this down the ages to get men attracted towards them. The moment you get perfect in this art you will be able to ensnare the right man.

Let your eyes do the talking

As they rightly say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. The first thing that you do when you meet someone is to size them up. This is to establish that what you see is appealing. Always maintain eye contact as it helps you develop rapport and convey to the opposite person that what you are saying is the truth. Do not look anywhere else but at the person while talking to them. When the person catches you looking at them, don’t balk suddenly, instead smile and acknowledge. If the stare turns longer then a fleeting glances than you have caught the person’s attention, for sure. In case someone is looking at you and no two ways about not interested in this person than just look away.

Catch the person’s eye by the way you look and appeal to the opposite person’s senses.

The most important first impressions

The way you dress will get you the wolf whistles. Dress sense makes the adrenalin go pumping through one’s veins which in turn will spike up the person’s interest in you. Dress well at all times as you never know when you will bump into your dream date. The better you look, the better will you feel. Before you even peep out of the door or window, head straight for the mirror.
First impressions are the ones that one carries in their heart long afterwards. They are the ones on which people build up perceptions about the opposite person and whether they would like to know them better.

Mind your hands

Gestures give a lot away about the person and hands are the main culprits. They send messages across that can’t be hidden. Always have open hands and palms to ensure honesty and open communication. Closed fists indicate hatred and stress. Use your fingers to delicately run down the cool glass of beer seductively, or feel your jacket button or touch your date by mistake while reaching for the condiment.

If you leave your hands hidden then you will convey lack of confidence. Do not let tell tale signs such as drumming, tapping and fidgety fingers give you away.

Be different

It is always a good thing to stand out of the crowd. That is a sure shot way of getting attention from the opposite person. Once you have gained that you will be able to advance further.

The way you stand transfers signals about you. Open posture means someone who is open for communication. Always face the person you are talking to convey interest. Feet must be placed firmly on the floor and lean a little towards the person.

Do not cross your arms as it conveys a negative closed image. Do not hold your body in the opposite direction to the person you are speaking to.

Some further information that you could use:

You know when to strike out or to just give up. Every battle has its own rules and strategies that one needs to follow. Body language tips that you could use in any battle:

• Mirror the opposite person’s body language to evince interest.
• Be aware of what your body language is conveying. Do not give out wrong signals and then withdraw as then you will be termed as a tease.
• Be careful of what you drink and eat. Do not go overboard smoking, drinking or piling your food with plate. You sure want to put your best foot forward.
• If you have tried all the possible body language and still there is no response from the opposite end then just give way. There is no sense pursuing something that is going to have no prescribed outcome.
• If you are interested in the person do not follow them around like Mary’s little lamb. You don’t want to show your desperateness, do you?

If you have tried all these things and they have failed then think out of the box. Be innovative and look for different avenues of getting the person’s attention.




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