Do’s and Dont’s of Dating


Who said that dating was easy? Your first date will be difficult to deal with; second will induce higher hopes in your heart and in the subsequent dates you will be really thinking of knowing each other. In midst of all this you’ll be in situations in which a single faux pass, mistake or even a blunder may play spoilsport and you may never meet again. Not to mention, the person who arranges the date has to deal with even more number of problems than people who are actually dating.

There is a long list of dating blunders that we unknowingly involve ourselves. Either, we are available all day or never, we are always on the phone or we never call, wear funky footwear to a fancy restaurant, talk nonsense on cell phones at dinner, laughing loudly at foolish jokes, and select the wrong color for our carnation, it’s a long list. Inconsiderate dating behavior is an unchecked habit for many and needs to be curbed first.

Unless you know the rule of the trade, you wouldn’t want to jump into it straightaway. In a football game if a quarterback doesn’t know the line for touchdown, he is in serious trouble. (For non – football folks, don’t start dating without knowing the rules!) Dating is a foray into an unknown game of myriad possibilities so better equip your selves for it. The dos and don’ts of dating are not hard and fast and your mom will tell you that exceptions are everywhere, very true. Just read them enrich your arsenal and never come back an idiot in this challenging, brisk and full on game of trying to love someone.

Do’s – Rules, follow them!

1. If you portray that you don’t care, nobody will care for you. Showing up late in messy attire, smelling badly on your first date is a recipe for disaster. Who wants to go out with a pig?

2. Keep it simple and try to enjoy your endeavor however serious it may get sometimes. If you are shivering or dumb then your probable partner will definitely reject you.

3. Appreciate how your date is looking; after all she has spent half the day on how she looks. Even men are flattered by the slightest compliments on their looks.

4. Always be interested and you’ll get interest. Share your personal details which you think will be helpful and always show interest when your date is talking about her interests.

5. If you like someone then say it in your first meeting and confess that you want to see him/her again. If you don’t feel like meeting again then say it politely but confidently. Remember that you have done nothing wrong.

6. Listen to your heart and not to your peers as they will often try to influence your decision. After all you got to carry on the relationship not them.

7. Never be disappointed if your date doesn’t go well. It’s good that you pass by some morons before finding your real date. You’ll gain experience and might meet some people who are nice in a way.

8. Plan well and keep your date informed about your plans. Dating is a complex, time consuming and tiring endeavor so you always better know what you will exactly be doing.

9. Don’t be shy of meeting people and make the most of every opportunity. Be quick to respond to a person who is interested in you. You never know, she might be the person whom you have been dreaming to go on a dinner with.

10. Meet people who are always there for you, people from whom you get emotional support when you are down. Dating must not be taken as a test but a way of celebrating love. Talk to people who want you to succeed in finding a perfect date and be considerate towards them to. Have a positive approach and be ready for anything!

Dating Rules — Don’ts

1. If you are desperate to talk (text message or email) to a new date, you are going wrong as it will play spoilsport. Unless your date is responding, don’t even bother about her.

2. Don’t date people with similar personality whom things have not worked out with earlier. Have a clear understanding in your mind about whom you’ll date. People who are trying to degrade you in any manner should be put away. You don’t deserve that.

3. getting late for your date shows your inconsiderate nature. Don’t do it. If you are late then make sure you apologize to the other person.

4. Don’t hide any facet of your personality which might undermine your side as it might crop up later. One small lie caught is enough to ruin an excellent relationship in the initial stages. She might be impressed initially but would frown if she catches your lie.

5. Don’t give all of your time to her. Keep some for your friends with whom you enjoy and have been spending time with all these days. It might be that you have time to meet your date everyday but you should not be over involved with one person. Extroverts always make a better date.

6. Don’t divulge minute details about your life to your date on the first visit itself. Take time to know each other and then share your secrets when you feel that you are comfortable doing that. If you start blabbing everything from the start then you stand a good chance of being rejected.

7. Never concentrate much on the people around you, especially the hot girls who might attract your attention. Your date will always expect undivided attention when you are with her. If you will not, then she might just walk out without a talk.

8. Don’t go drunk on your date or be rude. Be courteous and it will work wonders for you.

9. Never think that you are safe at going out with anyone at any time in the day. Avoid dates where you might end up in a ridiculous nightclub alone in the night. Always keep your friends informed about where you are going and keep your cell phone with you at all times, you might need it in case anything unexpected happens.

10. Never divulge details such as your phone number and home address on your first meeting. It’s better that you do that when you trust the other person fully.

11. Don’t even think of having sex on your first date. This portrays that you are interested primarily in a physical relationship with the other person. This will never be anything close to true love and you will in most cases regret your decision. Romance and a feeling of acceptance is what should be developed in the initial meetings.

12. Don’t ever date a person who is married. It’s a crime as you might ruin the other person’s family. Dating a married person will involve all the bad things such as lying, guilt, restlessness and you will never be satisfied. You will really waste your time doing that and it will be of no good in the end. If someone approaches you saying that she is upset with her married life, ask her to first separate and then if you want you can date.




  1. “Don’t even think of having sex on your first date. This portrays that you are interested primarily in a physical relationship with the other person. This will never be anything close to true love and you will in most cases regret your decision. Romance and a feeling of acceptance is what should be developed in the initial meetings. ”

    Yet another Morally Correct Post.

    This is crap. This kind of “teaching” will look good in Schools but it is bull-shit to learn the truth about life.

    Whether to have sex or not, it is up to the dating couples.

    The fact is there are far too many girls or women so wish to be done in the 1st date and far too many guys having no-clue whether the girls want to talk cock sing song and waste time or just get into sex immediately..

    Another truth is … if you guys are being direct and bold to ask for sex, there are hot sexy girls or women will convert the sexual attraction to romantic attraction after that.

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