Does Age Matter?


The issue of age difference and what age gap might or might not be accepted in relationships is tending to take centre stage at the moment. It’s really hard to tell what age is considered normal when women cannot be trusted anymore and older men have been seeking younger women more than you can ever imagine.

Many people have been led to believe that age is just a number. I beg to differ.

Age to some extent has something to do with how the relationship progresses and in as much as it cannot destroy it, it certainly would have some effect on it. Hence, age is not just a number although any two people in love could always make it work regardless of the age difference.

There is something in age/maturity/personality that plays a major role in the success of a relationship. Take me, for example. My relationship has a twelve years gap and although he is that older than me, we get along quite well and are as in love as ever. I think it’s because of the fact that I tend to have ideas that would fit very well in his generation than mine. My maturity level would easily match up with him too and as most women would say that some men tend to behave like younger kids sometimes, I guess most of the time you would think he is a twelve- year-old from the way he acts. There needs to be some compatibility of ideas in terms of values, goals and may be family between the two of you, so that the age/maturity/personality gap does not exist. This means that there might be a problem if you are an outgoing person who can party all night while he’d rather go to work or watch the TV when he gets home.

It is common to experience some ‘missed connections’ once in a while when you are in such a relationship. This happens when you can’t just understand what the other one is talking about due to the age difference between you two. Take, for instance, when my boyfriend comments about a song on radio only to realize I am blank about it because the song is even older than I am. Although such issues can weigh heavily on your relationship, sometimes making you argue, don’t let them end your relationship because they are simply things that can be worked out. You can also see some ‘missed connections’ in the fact that while I was still at my parents and in school, hustling through with a part time job, my boyfriend was working at the time. So even when you are compatible and get along well on a personal level, there are things that could easily make you hit the roof.

Although the age differences between the two of you may be something that comes up once in a while, I bet 95% of the time you will not even be thinking about it. The percentage of time your age gap shows is so minimal and this should not be a bother. The best thing is to be patient and understanding and the relationship will work out well if you love each other. You need to understand the SOMETHING going on between you even when you don’t understand your partner’s life. The age difference is something minimal and doesn’t have to make a huge difference in your relationship. The fact that there is an age difference should be understood and you should try to think and act like the other person in a bid to put yourself in his/her situation so that you will understand each other well.




  1. If you are looking for a soulmate for a lifetime, why should age matter if you are both compatible and willing to make sacrifices for common goals?

    At the end of the day, both parties must be willing to commit to each other and want things to happen in a positive way for “we” and “us”.

  2. shadowspid, isn’t compatibility a very wide measure of a relationship? Just cause 2 people are happy now when they start dating, doesn’t mean that they are compatible. If there is a large age difference, it is more often than not that the differences will start surfacing after the relationship has more time to develop. Of course if 2 people have been together for a long time, then yes, you are right, age doesn’t matter. But I suppose this article is mainly for those who are at the decision point.

  3. As for me, if both hits well, I don;t think it’s a matter. And for me, it’s just an number. 😀

  4. i am in love with a guy that is 12 year older than me too . i know i love him , but i am really scared about the future..

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