Dating Rules for Women


Women have stipulated certain rules for men whilst dating. The unsaid rules in a woman’s dating book are that a man should look a particular way otherwise she is not going to give him a second glance.

Our site has a dating article rules for men, however; at the moment we are looking at generic dating rules for women. It is a jungle out there with everyone prying for the best partner. There have been plenty of books written about these so called rules. One of the books that stated about men liking to pursue their women as this comes from the prehistoric times when man was a hunter didn’t go down with the general public. Why should women be the ones who come across as hard to capture? We have unconsciously learned some rules from society by observing it. These no longer hold true hence there is a need to learn new ones.

If you notice there is a certain ceremonial thing attached to courtship. It follows a certain predefined pattern such as excitement, stimulation of one’s senses, sparking the opposite person’s interest. Dating is all about getting along with the person fabulously. People want to find out how the other person makes them feel if they want to spend considerable time with them. Life changing decisions aren’t taken lightly. You do need to know more about the person before you decide to go out with them.

Society sets rules for us which all of us abide by. There are rules for eating, behavior and of course dating. Once a woman acknowledges that going out on a date is similar to a game the rules will all fall into place. And, in a game not everyone can be on the victory stand. Note that at no point of time should the men know of the game that you have chosen to play with them or else there will be no fun left. Men love to be kept on tenterhooks and guessing about what is coming next.

The two major categories that you could bifurcate this into are general dating rules and online dating rules.

The General Dating Rules are:

  • Always look the very best you can and like a million dollars. It does not matter that you don’t earn a million dollar but still you can obtain lovely shining hair and gorgeous lipstick. You never know when you could bump into the man of your dreams and at that point of time you don’t want to be looking like something that the cat got in.
  • Be careful about the information that you divulge. Be sure that you want to tell him this or do you want to keep him guessing about it. If you tell him all about yourself then where is the intrigue?
  • Less is always good. If you give away too much of yourself he is certainly not going to be coming back for more and more.
  • Keep your body firm, toned and lean. This is one thing that can attract a man like a magnet.
    Do not have any qualms about the man paying. If he cares enough for you he will ensure that you are well looked after.
  • If a man sends you flowers is he is certainly interested in you.
  • Do not go to bed with him on the very first date. There is an old Chinese proverb that says if you can get the cow for free why you would buy the milk.
  • Throw punctuality to the winds. Let the guy be waiting for you before you arrive for the date.
  • Do not hang around the phone waiting for his call or accept his invite as soon as it is out of his mouth. That way you will be letting him know that you are easy prey. Let him consider that you have other things to do too.
  • Never say yes for the first day suggested. Give him options of the days you are free and they can’t be all the seven days of the week.
  • Do not forego your weekend dates with your girl pals for dates. They won’t do much good for you.
  • Your man must be kept on his toes all the time. The moment you notice he getting complacent, change the rules of the game or even the game.
  • A good way to get the man’s immediate attention is to be able to kiss well. If you don’t know this then practice it until you have perfected the art.
  • If you talk about your previous men then you are sure to lose the man. He is not interested in knowing of your previous pursuits.
  • Do not judge the man by the way he looks. Do not go ahead and form perceptions about him until you are certain of the facts.
  • If the man starts displaying jealousy or insecurity run as fast as your legs can carry you. This is a sure shot way of getting embroiled in a relationship that might not have a lot of positive things for you.
  • Hygiene is a major criterion. If this is not met you know what you need to do. You aren’t going out on a date with a skunk.
  • Do not talk a lot about other men and that includes your father. It is not in good taste certainly to measure your date with the other men in your life.
  • Do not let the man think that you are easy to get and really falling for him. He will do the running then. Men do not like commitment until they are ready for it.
  • If you find someone who interests you do not wait for them to make the first move. If you wait too long then someone else will make a move on them before you could.
  • If you are great with children and would love to have one soon please do not state that on your first few dates.
  • Talking derogatorily about his mother is the most certain way of losing him.

Online Dating Rules are:

  • Let him come to you and not vice versa. He needs to be chasing you.
  • Block all unnecessary intruders in your email.
  • See that people get to see your best photo online and select a photo in which you look gorgeous.
  • Clever one liner on the chat is not a real good impression creating tactic.
  • Enjoy the chase. Do not give in too soon.
  • Emails should not be replied to immediately. Keep the person waiting and wondering whether you are going to respond. 3 days is a good enough time.
  • Do not give your email id or phone number easily.
  • Keep yourself safe at all times. Do not throw protective measures to the wind.
  • Your login id should be exciting and attention grabbing.
  • Do not remain online for hours. Quick and short should be the mantra to keep the spark alive.
  • Do not let the person make you believe or you jump to conclusions about the person being sad or lonely.
  • No responding to emails over the weekends. You have better things to do certainly.
  • Do not mention sexual prowess’s and accomplishments online.
  • State clearly what kind of a person you are looking for to date. If married men are a big no-no state that explicitly.
  • If you don’t get a response in three days just forget the man. No sense in going after someone who is not interested.
  • A good sense of humor is always appreciated. Ensure that this comes across in the correspondence that you have.
  • Do not chat with loads of people at the same time. Men do like exclusivity.
  • Just because you are online do not lie about the way you look. Unless you tend to remain online only. This will be found out when you meet for a date and can be a real dampener.
  • Remember that sophistication, finesse and calmness will always get the opposite person’s attention.

Have the utmost confidence in yourself and your looks. Say affirmative statements to yourself and you will begin to feel that way. Make a note that men are made for the chase and you can do the pick and choose thing. Look around you in nature and you will see this.

Safe dating should be your topmost priority. So, happy dating!




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