Top 10 Things a Guy Must Do


A gentleman’s life is a quite difficult nowadays trying to maintain the expectations of all around. Women want to be treated as equals and at the same time with due respect. Many a man doesn’t want to follow the Victorian practices of chivalry any more. And, when you look around you where are the people who you can look up to and follow in their footsteps. The best way to show a woman that you are there for her is by being well-mannered all the time. That is what is called gentlemanly behavior. The ten best tips to help you behave like a gentleman which woman will fall for are given below:

No. 10 – Protect the lady

During the Victorian times the men always walked on the sidewalk and allowed the lady to walk inside so that no overhanging flower pots or chamber pots could be emptied on their heads. It also protected the lady from any traffic or a passing carriage. Of course not to forget the open sewers that could spoil their dress. A woman sure will be impressed by this protective gesture of yours. All ladies like their men to be able to protect them as this gives them a nice feeling. If you were to do this you will be able to get in the lady’s good books for sure.

No. 9 – Ladies must sit first

Make certain that the lady sits down first. This makes certain that they know of your manners and really creates a good impression. Do not go all out to let the lady notice it though. You just do your bit. You could also hang your coat while she settles down. This will give you a little bit of interim time. This act of yours will convey to the lady that you do care for their well being.

No. 8 – Mind your language

Ensure that you speak a language appropriate for the lady to hear. Do keep the articulation of some words for your guy friends. Make certain that your vocabulary is up to the expected standard. Do not use words that no one will understand but you. Try not to boast of your command of the language. The language that you use speaks volumes about the kind of man that you are and a lady certainly knows that.

No. 7 – Hold the umbrella

A gentleman is supposed to hold the umbrella for the lady. Don’t bother if you get wet in the pursuit of keeping the lady dry. When it rains and you are able to hold out the umbrella your lady will certainly be impressed by your thinking and pro-activeness.

No. 6 – Walk until she reaches home

You will never leave a lady outside; but, you will walk her home. Even if it takes you out of the way you will do this gentlemanly act. You will let her know that you are certainly concerned about her safety. All the brownie points that you have gained by doing so will be lost if you expect something in return. Once you reach the doorstep and the lady is still outside you might want to consider stealing a kiss. Do not expect anything so as not to get disappointed. You must ensure that she has a nice time when she is with you and you reach her home safely.

No. 5 – Give her your jacket

The woman takes a lot of pains to get dressed and look beautiful for you. The least you can do is offering her your jacket when the weather gets cold. The lady might not immediately accept that but you could insist. Now you might wonder what you should do if you are feeling cold, well just don’t think about it. You certainly want the lady to be as comfortable as possible. In case she does not return your jacket than you will have another chance to meet her to get it back.

No. 4 – Give her your seat

We all should respect the rules of social etiquette of giving up our seats for the elderly or the women in the family way. However, you can go a step further by vacating the seat for the lady you are out with. This will create an extremely good impression on her. She will know that you do give her enough importance. The way it is to be done is to stand up and ask her to occupy the seat. Do not make her feel as though you have sacrificed your seat for her. Rather make it seem like the most common gesture on your part.

No. 3 – No phones for undivided attention

When you are dining with your date you certainly don’t want the phone to interrupt you. The moment you turn off the phone you are sending across the signals that you want to give your undivided attention to your date and you are certainly interested. You certainly want to make her feel like a princess who has you at her beck and call. Hence, silent your phone and check later whether you have missed any calls. Hence, putting your phone away for the evening ensures that your woman knows for sure that there is nothing more important in your life at the moment than her. Wow! What importance!

No. 2 – Introductions do matter

In case you meet an acquaintance or someone you know makes sure that you go ahead and introduce her to them. This will put her at ease. You need to allow the exchanges of names and let her be a part of the circle of conversation. Does not matter if she does not contribute to the conversation, she certainly will feel involved. She will really appreciate that you were able to keep her in the fold with your friends and not secluded.

No. 1 – Hold out the door for her

When women were asked about one gentlemanly thing that they would put on top of their list and most of them said a gentleman who opens the door for them. This might sound surprising but make sure that you hold out the door for her to enter. This shows that you do give her the due respect and will let her know the kind of person you are. Make this gesture of yours look as natural and a part of you as possible.




  1. I am really irritated by guys who do not respect women e.g competing with me to go through a narrow entrance, keeps answering the phone or answering it.Gosh it turns me off. One who leaves me safely indoors is a winner.

  2. These are 10 qualities of a basic gentlemen. 😛
    Ladies can use this as a scorecard.

    This is not plainly for your average guy, as not all men are gentlemen.

    If he has 6/10 or more he is a good friend to keep. :)

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