General Dating Rules for Men


Whether you are a guy who is committed to a relationship or you are a guy who never has felt comfortable with relationships with women and has always tasted failure in these matters. Whatever be your personality, if you are thinking of dating someone then there are certain rules which you should be well versed with to enter this bizarre business. Women start developing abilities of this trade from the beginning as they always have an emotional edge and physical assets which strengthen their side. Still men can definitely compete if they learn these simple rules and then only jump into this confusing business.

1. You should look the best you can. Always give emphasis on your clothes and ensure that they fit you well and are contemporary. Don’t think twice before buying a nice suit and a nice pair of shoes for you so that you look presentable when you are out. Just upgrade your wardrobe to a level which is acceptable. Women never like men who are not well dressed.

2. Devote some time to your personal hygiene. A good looking and contemporary hairstyle will always be appreciated by women. Always shave when you go out, if you can’t then take help of a professional to do it for you. Try not to smell bad at any time of the day let alone when you are out on a date. Take showers frequently if you perspire more and always use a nice and effective deodorant to curb the body odor. Keep yourself neat, clean and tidy to the best of your ability.

3. Be ready with an answer why you are unemployed. If you are not presently working then be clear in your mind what you are going to say when the girl whom you’ll meet will ask you this question. Any job is better than none, always. Ifs, buts, errs will never be acceptable on such important aspects of life. Just be confident in what you have to say and be ready to defend yourself on being a local car mechanic or such sorts (I would have given it a go!). Have some plans in your mind about your future. Women will acknowledge the fact that you are very clear about your career thus they will find it easier to make a decision. Actually, even if women don’t want to ask about this it is really important for you as a single man also.

4. Always be aware. You should always know what is happening around the place you live. Read newspapers and some magazines if you can get hands on some quality ones. If you are not bothered about the current affairs of your city or country, it shows that you don’t have a good temperament. If you are a frequent traveler then it can really help as you can have a plan for vacation in the coming days which might sound really interesting to her.

5. If you love sports it’s fine but don’t make it a religion. If you follow the weekend basketball game more than your office’s work then there is a problem. Women will never like boys who are so mad about their favorite football player that they have got their names tattooed on their bodies. When you are on a date, try to be there both mentally and physically. Don’t be glued to your mobile phone to get the latest updates on the score of a football match, instead concentrate on your date. It’s also well know that girls generally do not prefer watching sports as they consider as an excuse not to work and keep lying down lazily at your home. Although, you might find a girl that loves the same sport as you which could be great for your relationship.

6. Sex should never be the objective. Go dating with that in mind and you are most likely to fail with any girl. Dating is about finding the right partner for life. When you find that right person, the sex will follow…. and it will be even better!

7. Be courteous and well mannered when you are on a date. Your behavior should not interfere with her dignity and you should be polite and give her respect. When you are out for dinner you should be well versed with table manners. You should always invite her to the table and help her sit like a gentleman would do. Pay attention when she is talking to you but never be dumb to just agree to what she says. Put your point of view in a dignified manner.

8. Stop talking and start listening. Don’t just start blabbing about yourself indefinitely on a date just for the sake of talking. A date should never be a one man show and both you and your date should contribute in any small discussion that you have. Also, women are more talkative than men so you should acknowledge the fact and remind her things she talked about last time; she will love it.

9. Never think of puffing a cigarette. Quitting increases your chances with women by a million times.

10. Be confident and secured in who you are. What most women cannot stand are guys who have a complete lack of confidence in themselves. Your insecurity is sure to emerge eventually and most women will be put off by that. Thus, to do well with the ladies, you need to find the inner confidence in yourself first. No one is perfect and we all have our flaws. But we have our strengths too. The secret is to maximize your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.



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