A Plea Against Premarital Sex


So when we were younger our parents would sit us down and talk about “birds and bees”. They made it plain and simple that some lines should be crossed when the time is right. However times have changed, girls at the blossoming age of fifteen are visiting gynecologists for abortions. Condoms are flying of the racks of a drug store faster than Antibiotics! Pre-marital sex has become the order of the day. It is no more a taboo to talk about sex, given traditional values. Educational institutions have introduced sex education! What more can we ask for? Coffee table conversations revolve around who is sleeping with whom! When we were younger, the times were different…

Have we traveled so far that we failed to notice the innocence slip away so fast. Promiscuity, fornication is now the norm young people live by. Young people treat sex so nonchalantly, when it is beyond doubt anything but “casual” about it – not the deed and definitely not the cost which one has to pay should something go wrong. We continue to pretend that at hand there is no reason to be worried. We make love (have sex) to people we hardly know and fail to see the consequences that we might have to face, because we are so into the joys of it. One has to realize that nothing comes easy. In order to take the “next” step one has to commit.

It’s clearly not right to be so careless with regard to something so important. The STD count is soaring, statistics show 20%-48% young women have an STD. HIV/AIDS is unchecked in black society; they form the majority of the affected people. Due to rising hormones and social networking one can witness several cases of unwanted pregnancy day to day. Again statistics show in 2006, 70% African American children were conceived by single mothers. Approximately 13 million lives have been lost as a result of abortions. These are lasting situations that are the outcome of fleeting relations. Casual decisions are bringing into being life-changing events.

Definitely, a condom may avoid a few of the aforesaid results. Nonetheless neither a condom, a birth control pill nor shot can guard one from the surreptitious consequence of sex. The other side of the coin one chooses not to talk about, the imperceptible, yet basically inescapable component, the component that lingers after the spell of rain-the mental damage and the emotional setbacks. Both men and women who have a heart will have to admit that having sex is just not for fun, one connects on a different level, that means more than just a night gone by. Time and again we have seen that taking that step, doing the deed makes things complicated or serious and is totally opposite of what we really want. It joins two human beings together who probably have no similarities whatsoever.

Even with modernization we can pretend it is a “cool” thing to do but if one contemplates, the conclusion that it should be saved for marriage, is a wise one. However given the current situation we don’t see it happening. Not anything is revered in these times. One can be sure that our generation has deserted the notion of deferred satisfaction. Everything is instantaneous. Just like if one likes a song, it can immediately be downloaded, sex has become like instant coffee. If one is habituated to having sex with someone, at any time (oral sex also included) not much can make her discontinue once she marries another man. We have grown to be such a spontaneous society that at times we forget to judge the cost of our irresponsible actions. Sex is more of a given expectation than an option anymore.

Pre marital sex is simply wrong – this might be an extreme statement although having sex with a stranger is also counted as extreme. Perhaps saving sex for matrimony is not the greatest way for a number of people especially the ones who never want to tie the knot but again, possibly might. It is better to wait than be sorry.




  1. This is such an over-dramatised and hyped up article. Either the writer is being extremely sarcastic, or is completely ill-informed. Condoms flying off the racks? Schools teaching sex education is wrong? What a joke!

    • I believe that the example of condoms flying off the shelves is just to illustrate that our teens and youths are actively engaging in sexual activities and is more a norm rather than the exception these days. I agree that the sex education seems a tad off and is certainly something necessary for this age. Nevertheless, I certainly don’t see this as over-dramatised and if anything, needs a much much louder voice. Pre-marital sex is a big problem that should not be trivialized or ignored. It’s time we spoke up against it.

  2. Oulaah what is this dark age article? Dear writer, open your eyes please sweety or you are out of this world. Sex is love, sex is fun, sex is life: try someday, it will free your body and your mind.

  3. even though the feedback above are less than discouraging still is it not nice that somebody bothered to try and write something that he may wish to try himself or herself one day

    premarital sex is like plugging a usb portable harddisk into your personal laptop in the best denki or Harvey norman when you have not paid for no.. associating sex with payment is also incorrect .. a righter lingo should be buying your usb portable harddisk and connecting it to your personal laptop when the harddisk and laptop have not done a proper compatibility test and the manufacturer of both items are not consulted and the green light may not be given for the two items to work together

    .. or so i thought lar

    i guess that is why sex dolls were invented to protect those who are not ready ?

    falling in love is a mystery to me after tredding 30 years of solitude with lots of girls entering and leaving my lives and perhaps i am glad that those who stayed behind did take care of my existence better than those who vainly hoped that love falls from the sky.

  4. I’m a Christian and do not believe that there is anything wrong with premarital sex as long as it is safe and out of love or affection. Join the modern world and enjoy your God given gift of sexuality.

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