50 Ways to Make Her Feel Special


Whether you are trying to impress some girls at college or just want to have some fun with your girlfriend, or want to bring upon a smile on that special girl in your life, there are several ways to make a girl smile. This is most certainly an art and a science at the same time which needs both hard work and also honesty to pull it off. This article will provide you with a number of useful tips and brainstorming ideas which guarantees the attention of the girl that you are interested in and make sure that she understands how you feel about her. Hopefully as it is intended some of tips and suggestions laid down in this article will hopefully turn her on and make you attractable for her. Some of these tips will also help you to transform yourself to become a true gentleman, who knows the art of romancing a girl and also make her smile.

This list, though not exhaustive, comprises of 50 different ways to make her feel special. Hopefully you will find them useful.

While reading and using these suggestions please bear in mind that while some are actually meant to be used by a boy who is having a girlfriend, others are for boys who are looking for one in their life. Irrespective of which you are, these are a few wonderful ideas to induce a bit of spice your life and surprise the girl that you want to be with your love and care.

  1. Want to increase the romance in your lives? Simply hug your girl from behind and then whisper into their ears. She will simply love it!
  2. Ever tried kissing in the rain holding an umbrella over your head? Try it for a romantic change.
  3. Try being a man to her. Pick her up in your arms. They find it really romantic.
  4. Love making plans? Don’t be afraid to be assertive and go ahead make the plans for the two of you.
  5. Girls love it when you kiss on the forehead. It is a great sign of love and care for some one.
  6. Gently play with her hair. Slowly place your fingers on the back of her head and massage it. She will love it.
  7. Wake up earlier than her and leave a small handwritten note on the fridge or the coffee machine. When she reads it she is going to love you for being thoughtful and caring towards her. Ensure that the note that you leave each time is different. The idea is to make her realize your love for her. That will be a great way for her to start her day.
  8. When making the bed in the morning, leave a small hand written note. She will later on pick it up and be surprised at your thoughtfulness and the love that you have for her.
  9. Some girls love having their breakfast brought into their bed in the morning. This can work seriously wonderful if you happen to know what her favorite is. Like my girlfriend simply adores blueberry pancakes.
  10. Everyday in the morning, before leaving for work or class, ensure that her breakfast is the first thing that is done. While packing her lunch in place some goodies that she loves in the box to spice things up.
  11. Some girls love pets and some do keep them. If your girlfriend has pets, buy them some pet toys. She will love you for the care and happiness that you bring to her pets. Is she is a dog lover you have a wonderful way of finding the right emotions as dogs are very expressive and their emotions run through to their owners.
  12. Grab a TiVO or a DVR and record her favorite shows when she is not around. Play them back and enjoy them together. Being together and spending time with her is going to be natural and she is going to love you for that.
  13. Get some supplies from the local hobby store and make your girlfriend a bracelet with your own hands.
  14. Men have a tendency to hold on to the remote when they are watching the TV. Let her take charge and hold the remote when you are watching the TV. Things are going to spice up a bit no doubt.
  15. Do something sudden, plan for a all-of-a-sudden picnic and tell her the plans only in the morning. Ensure to check on the weather first, just to be sure so that the weather does not surprise you!
  16. Save her picture on your phone so that when you call her or she calls you, her picture is what you can see all the time.
  17. Who said taking pictures isn’t romantic? Try allocating a part of the day when you two can take pictures of each other. Be together and have fun while you click each other in the company of the other. This is a great idea for couples only though.
  18. She must have a favorite restaurant. Take her to a date to that restaurant.
  19. Plan an occasional dress up type fancy dates. All girls love to dress up. Have her indulge in it.
  20. Planning to rent a movie or going to the theatres? Buy her favorite candy and enjoy the movie together.
  21. Plan a getaway for the both and tell her the plans in the morning. Take her to the mountains or a drive to another city. She will love a surprise and a bit of an adventure getaway together.
  22. The worst thing to happen for a love life is to get stuck to the same mundane routine. Keep things interesting and don’t be afraid to experiment.
  23. If she loves surprises as most girls do, and she loves chocolate, you have a perfect recipe in your hand. Buy a giant sized chocolate bar and drive it home to surprise her. Once I saw this giant sized candy bar and it was so huge that it had to have its own seat at the back of the car to be driven home! Ensure that all these chocolate does not get wasted either, so you should have some space to put that in.
  24. Doing something for her that she would usually have to put in a lot of effort to do herself is a wonderful idea. For example, at the start of the week, of just before an important day wash her car. She is going to love you for going that extra mile.
  25. If both of you have pets it is a great idea to share some quality time together using the opportunity to also walk the pets.
  26. Who does not like glittering fireworks? Events like National Dayor even with our Universal Studios now, present exellent opportunities to enjoy fireworks together.
  27. To have trust is a sign of confidence, which can only come when you love and care for some one. Ask her for advice, this adds to her confidence that you depend upon her for advice and only grow the mutual love and respect.
  28. Even consciously tried to hear yourself when you are not in a mood to listen? Although it may sound like a trick question, the direction of the pun is straight. When you are not trying to listen and concentrating on something else, you are most likely to be answering in two words or worse, in single syllables. That’s the best formula for heading the conflict route. Instead be a good listener, make more efforts to be a good listener and you will win her love for ever.
  29. Try something out of the ordinary. If you happen to look out the window and see its snowing, wake her up and tell her that you are going to have a snow ball fight. Put up a fight but let her win.
  30. Have you ever enjoyed a rain together? Enjoy it and hold out an umbrella when you are both out in the rain.
  31. Another tip when it is snowing, urge your girlfriend that you two will make a snowman together. When it is done, dress it up with your clothes and have fun while you two are at it.
  32. When in public hold her hand. This is to increase the togetherness.
  33. When you are talking together, smile when you speak. Make it all feel special and exciting.
  34. Surprise her by buying her, her favorite perfume. She will be pleasantly surprised when she finds the bottle on her dressing table.
  35. If she loves music, make her a personalized CD or a playlist. She will love you for that and it will strengthen the love between the two.
  36. How about a serenade, there has been so many poems and songs dedicated for dear love, how about trying one for your love? If you know how to play an instrument, try playing that for your love and dedicate the song to her. She will be enthralled to hear it.
  37. Does she love experimenting with drinks? Why don’t you try to make one for her with most of the ingredients that she loves? She is sure going to enjoy the same. Oh, and name the drink to her.
  38. Try out a day indoors by renting her favorite movie. Enthrall her by making a simple snack for her even if it is a simple pop corn and enjoy each others company for the whole day.
  39. If she is in the college, call her up and ask her if she wants to be picked up from her college after the class.
  40. Again if she is studying in a college, you can extend an offer to drive her to the college if she’s in college – offer to drive her to the class.
  41. After class when she’s back from the college, make a smoothie for her. That’s a great idea to ensure that you have a great summer day together.
  42. Never spend too much time without communication with her. When she wants to speak to you and you are busy, simply make time after you have finished your work and then return the call. This is going to prove that you think her to be a priority in your life.
  43. Men are by nature polygamous. However that is not a trait that any woman would love to see in her man. When in public with her, treat her as if she is the only girl in the whole world. Never let her catch you with your eyes fishing about.
  44. Do you have an amusement park around where you stay in? Lucky you! Plan for a trip with your better half for a day or two, encompassing an outing which you two can enjoy in each others company and have lots of fun.
  45. Girls love shopping. Well at least most of them do. If your girlfriend loves shopping, take her to the mall and give her company while she indulges in spoiling herself.
  46. Do you only buy cards for your girl when there is an event? Try changing this habit, why don’t you buy her a card and personalize it even when there is no event, just to say that you love her?
  47. One thing that you can also buy to your girl is her favorite flowers. If you are not sure what are her favorite flowers then it is quite possible that you are very new in to the relationship. This is a perfect opportunity to ensure that you can establish your love for her by finding this out and then sending her some of them.
  48. Are you the culinary type? If yes then use your magic to charm your lady, by preparing a special dinner for her. Of course make it a surprise for her.
  49. In the middle of the day when she is probably busy in her work, give her a call and tell her that you love her dearly. This is just to make her feel special and pampered.
  50. Women love to be a part of their man’s life in every aspect. If you are a couple you have the right to advice each other on problems that you may be facing. Love is when both of you are caring and sharing with each other. When she is giving her any advice, thank her for that and value her opinion. If that advice is genuinely going to help you solve the problem, thank her honestly and make her feel important to you.

Of course this list does not fit every girl out there and you got to be wise to pick and choose the right ones. No one can tell you which are the right ones except you!




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