30 Tips to Becoming an Attractive Guy


Do you want to be physically attractive? Do you want to look cute, sexy and handsome? Do you want heads to turn when you pass by? Do you want to be remembered as the “hot guy”?

There are a lot of ways to improve one’s physical features in a short span of time without having to spend a huge amount of money. Some would cost you nothing more than a will to change for the better. On the other hand, some would take some time and would cost you a few dollars. But nonetheless, you are guaranteed to look better and feel better!

Although physical beauty is the “eye catcher” and serves as the main door to short term flings and temporary relationships, you have to remember that it is still character that enables you to survive and enjoy meaningful, long-term relationships and friendships.

Nothing else defines our self-esteem and confidence than how we see and present ourselves to others.
When it comes to dating or pursuing a mate, we have to show off and present ourselves in a different but attractive manner to be able to captivate your mates’ attention.

#1 Confidence
Confidence captures people’s attention. Even if you’re having the worst day of your life, or for some reason, you’re wearing the worst combination of clothes, if you stand tall and confident, people will notice you. Confidence assures people that you are proud of who you are but don’t overdo it! Overconfidence is a different story. Insecurity and desperation, the opposites of confidence, is a major turn-off and would surely get you nowhere.

#2 Individuality
Here is a very important thing you should always keep in mind: Be yourself. You do not have to pretend to be someone you are not simply because your soul mate, whoever she is, will like you for who you truly are. But you have to be careful. If “who you are” means a lousy style, then you might want to reconsider.

#3 A Sense of Humor & Charm
Who wouldn’t get blown away by a man with a good sense of humor? I tell you, no one! It is always exciting and fun to be with someone who never fails to give you a good laugh and don’t forget that charm, too, is captivating.

#4 Good Conversations
Most people like a good talk, but you can’t just talk about the weather and nothing else! That is why it is important that you know how to keep the conversation going. The topics do not always have to be intellectual and smart sounding, but they have to be interesting so that you could maintain a meaningful dialogue. If you think you’re not good in this area, there are books which can help you improve your conversational skills.

#5 Learn To Be Seductive
Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction is a recommended read. (See bottom of page)

#6 Build Your Physique
Regular exercise helps you maintain a good shape. You don’t necessarily have to be ripped and chiseled, just fit and healthy. One should learn to respect and take care of his own body. It shows others that you are capable of handling even other areas of your life.
You can check out BodyBuilding.com for the latest training techniques and the like.

#7 Pretty Smile
When a woman looks at you, the first thing you ought to do is flash your most stunning smile! But make sure you have dazzling white teeth because yellow teeth are a major turn off. For a quick and inexpensive solution, Crest White Strips are available at local grocery stores. If you’re teeth are seriously yellow or really needs some fixing, you might want to talk to your dentist and make an appointment. It would cost you, but it’s going to be a worthy investment!

#8 Clean, Cut Nails
Personal hygiene is of great importance! Dirty, long nails do not give a good impression. Clean, cut nails on the other hand will make her think that you are a neat person.

#9 Hair Style
Your hair is your number one accessory so you should make sure you have a stylish haircut. It’s the first thing people see! Don’t ever go for Super Cuts and Great Clips! You can invest on a good haircut by checking out the Top 2 Hair Salons for Men’s Haircuts.
To maintain the shine, style and natural look of your hair, here are the Top 7 Hair Styling Products for Men.

Are you balding? If so, please don’t use a comb-over, it’s not fooling anyone. Instead, you could have your hair shortened or you could consult a hair restoration surgeon like Bosley.

#10 Get Rid of Dandruff
Dandruff is nothing but gross and getting rid of it is a must! Here’s an article on How to Get Rid of Dandruff.

#11 Nose, Ear, & Neckline Hairs
Hairs on your nose, ears, and neckline should be properly and neatly trimmed.
Here’s an article on How to Shave Your Neck.

#12 Hair Removals
There are a lot of available methods to remove excess hair like shaving, waxing, using of electric trimmers and hair removal creams or you could have permanent laser hair removal.
Here are some articles on how to groom the hairs “down there”: How To Tidy Up Your Privates with a Pubic Shaver, How to Shave Your Scrotum, and the Best Body Groomer for Men, How To Shave Your Butt.

#13 Face Care
This is an area which should NOT be left to chance like what most guys do. Maintaining a healthy looking face with the use of the right products should become a routine.
Here’s an article on How to Look Younger for Men.

#14 Botox
Do you want to look younger? With a few dollars and quick painless injections, Botox makes it possible.

#15 Lip Care
Lip moisturizers come in handy to prevent lip cracking and peeling, so you can maintain kissable lips.

#16 Fresh Breaths
Please do not get caught with bad breath! Be sure to carry Listerine breath strips with you.

#17 Proper Mastication
Close your mouth while chewing food so you won’t look sloppy. Heavy breathing while eating is highly discouraged.

#18 Smooth Hands
Who wouldn’t want to be caressed by smooth hands instead of hard calloused ones? Smooth healthy hands which are a major turn on can be maintained with hand creams like the Lab Series Active Hand Cream.

#19 Bathe Daily
Do I really have to still say this? It’s imperative that one should take a bath daily to remove the dirt off your body. It is one of the most basic hygienic practices you ought to do and don’t forget to use something for bathing like The Best Shower Gels for Men.

#20 Smell Good
Believe it or not, guys who smell good are head-turners. Have an original smell, something she’ll remember. Take time to choose a perfume you can regularly use. If you’re not fond of perfumes, you can opt to use good smelling body washes. They serve as an alternative to perfumes/colognes.

#21 Spray Pheromones on Your Skin
Pheromones secreted by our skin triggers social responses, like attraction, from other members of the species. But this hormone is usually washed off during bathing, so spraying of synthetic pheromones can do the job of boosting pheromone response.
Here’s an article you might want to check out: Do Pheromones for Men Work?

#22 Tan Your Skin
It’s good to get a little skin color. Tanning can be made possible by a tanning salon membership or spray-on tans. Believe me, they are effective!

#23 Slim Down
Are you bothered by those fats? Need a quick way of getting slimmer? Try investing in men’s shape wear for quick reshaping. Or better yet! Go on a diet. You can start your plain and simple diet by using MyFitnessPal on your iPhone. But if you think there’s a lot of work to be done, and if you have the cash, then plastic surgery is an option. The end result would be a totally new and confident you!

#24 Clothes Care
Please do not recycle clothes! Make sure you won’t get caught in dirty, wrinkled or recycled clothes, especially socks and underwear.
You can’t afford to have a sloppy appearance. Do you feel too lazy to iron your clothes? Hand steamers which press clothes quickly are now available, go get one!
Also, avoid using scented detergents. The smell of your clothes might overpower the smell of your perfume or worse, they might not smell good together.

#25 New Wardrobe
If you don’t trust your sense of fashion or if you think you have a bad taste in style, you can consult a professional stylist. I know they’d be happy to assist you and transform you, giving you a whole new look!
Here’s the Top 10 Most Affordable Yet Stylish Places To Buy Men’s Clothing.

#26 Hip, Cool Jeans
You might not know it, but a hot pair of jeans which fit you perfectly can mean a great difference in the way you look. Designer jeans, like Diesel and 7 for All Mankind, is quite costly but it can serve as an investment since it can be repaired.

#27 Shoe Variety
Yes, black shoes go with everything but colored shoes can spice up your outfit. Shoes of different colors and styles may go better with the outfit of your choice. Dare to try something different like blue, red or maybe even orange shoes!

#28 Hot, Sexy Underwear
Choose your underwear properly. The right size, the right fit and the right style all mixed in one can make you feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.
Here’s an article on How To Make Your Junk Look Bigger with the use of aussieBum WonderJock underwear.

#29 Treat Women Respectfully
Another obvious tip, but somehow so easily forgotten. Treat women with respect and chivalry, and your attractiveness will increase by a notch automatically.

#30 Keep Your Lair in Good Order
Keep your place in good shape! You might get judged by the appearance of your home.
You might want to check out The Bachelor’s Guide to Creating a Seductively Cozy Bed.




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