3 Reminders If You Are Alone this Valentine’s Day


With just a few minutes away from the annual romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day, just felt an urge to pen this personal message to all those who are feeling even the slightest tinge of sadness as this day approaches, just because you don’t have that special someone to share this day with.

1st Reminder – You are complete by yourself

The world and Hollywood likes you to think that you need that special someone in order to make you complete. I’m sure you’ve heard of this analogy about being a relationship where each person is a half and together they make a whole. I’m sorry, but that’s just pure and utter rubbish. We, on our own, are complete. We don’t need another person to determine how satisfying and fulfilling our lives can be. You have everything you need, right in yourself, to make that choice and walk the path. Don’t misunderstand me, sure, we are not lone creatures, and we do need companionship and friends. But that doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of a romantic partner. Family, platonic friends are more than enough to meet the need for companionship.

2nd Reminder – Focus on being a better You

Meeting that special someone is a large part a matter of opportunity. You get placed in a class with that person whom you just get along really well with. You get assigned a lab partner that you just really like hanging out with. A friend brings another friend whom you just have a natural chemistry with. And sometimes, these opportunities don’t come for some of us. So what do we do? We can either sit back and lament about how bad luck we are or we can choose to prepare ourselves to be in the perfect position when the opportunity comes. That means, we should focus on constantly becoming a better person. As we continue to grow and develop into a better person, we will definitely be in a much better position to seize the opportunity when that special someone crosses our path.

3rd Reminder – Don’t neglect the relationships you already have

The wise saying always holds true, we don’t realize what we really have until we lose them. In the midst of all our searching and yearning for that special person, it is so easy to take for granted the wonderful people that are already by your side. Your family, your friends, your classmates, are just some of these that are so easily pushed into 2nd place. More likely or not, romantic relationships will come and go, but your other relationships are what you can always count on to be there, if you take the time to nuture them of course. No man is an island, and while my 1st reminder said that we are complete by ourselves, it doesn’t mean that we can do without others. Take the time to grow and develop the friendships that you already have and you will realize that it not only fulfills the 2nd reminder, but it also creates a lot more opportunities to find that special someone.

Anyway, those are my 3 reminders to all of you out there who are feeling love-lorn on this Valentine’s Day. I have no doubt that if you took my reminders to heart, they cannot help but make you feel a little lighter and joyful despite not having that special someone today. Valentine’s Day didn’t start out focusing only on romance, but rather on the importance of relationships and treasuring them.