We have all been faced with this inner struggle sometime in our lives or another. We are attracted to a person but just do not have the opportunity or don’t know or don’t dare to ask that person out. Asking a person out on a date is more than just an action but it involves planning and timing as well. Do it too soon, too sloppily and you could very well be faced with a heartbreaking disappointment. Anyway, for those who are looking for sincere (not corny) and sweet ways to ask a person out, we’ve come up with 20 ways that we would actually use. Let us know how they work out!

  1. In person. “Would you like to go for lunch/coffee/dinner sometime?”
  2. Borrow her phone and secretly change your name to a short message like ‘Want to go out?’. Then call her later and she will see the message!
  3. Organize a group outing and then suggest to her to do something together after the outing is over.
  4. Write a letter describing how you see the two of you getting married and having a life together. Then ask her out in the letter and tell her that if she says no, she will be disrupting the natural order of things.
  5. Find out what movie she is planning or wants to watch and buy 2 tickets. Show her that you happen to have an extra ticket for the movie and wonder if she would like to watch it.
  6. Give a bouquet of flowers (for her) or an affordable gadget (for him) with a message.
  7. Give her a book that she might enjoy reading and include a bookmark asking her out.
  8. Make a song dedication with a message on the radio. Record the show in case she does not tune in.
  9. Record a video asking her, upload to Youtube and send her the link.
  10. Write the message on a paper and take a picture holding up the paper. Share the photo with her.
  11. Ask her if she can help you out with some homework.
  12. Make a cute childish note and have the note passed to her during class or lecture.
  13. Borrow her laptop when she is not using it and change the desktop wallpaper to a romantic wallpaper with a message asking her out. Be sure to include your name and contact.
  14. Take a selfie with her and then use Photoshop to add a message to the picture. Share the picture with her.
  15. Write a blog post about her and ask her out on the post.
  16. Ask a good friend of hers to ask her out on your behalf.
  17. Create a blog post about interesting pictures like cute cats and include a bunch of pictures in the post. Insert in between the pictures a picture message asking her out. Share the blog post with her.
  18. Participate in activities that she is involved in like CCA and when activity is over, ask her if she wants to hang out before home.
  19. Leave sweet (not creepy) secret admirer notes for her to find every few days. Then strike a conversation with her and find the right opportunity to use the exact same words you wrote in one of the notes to reveal that the notes come from you. Then ask her out.
  20. Find out what she likes to do and search for interesting places or events and invite her to attend together.

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