Everyone can possibly think of 101 reasons why you shouldn’t be single. Be being single is not all bad! There are lots of benefits in not being tied down to a relationship. So if you are a swinging single, enjoy your moment and cherish it as best as you can now. When the right one comes along, you will be losing all these benefits in a flash!

1. You have the sole ownership of everything that is there in your home.

2. Really one great advantage is that you don’t have to keep your purchase receipts or gifts at places that you normally won’t associated with keeping things.

3. You don’t have to share or buy twice the quantity of anything that is yummy.

4. When you are dressing up, it is only to impress your boss.

5. Late nights are all fun and yours exclusively.

6. When you are moving, you have comparatively less things to move with you.

7. A one bedroom apartment feels a lot more and unusually spacious when you are staying alone

8. Can you imagine that you really don’t need to ask for permission in order to orgasm?

9. Eat what you please, except only when your doctor says otherwise.

10. Shaving – when and what is completely your decision.

11. Valentines day is a less costly affair

12. This is for those who cannot remember anniversaries. Freedom.

13. No burden to remember birthdays that you don’t need to

14. You don’t have to shop for family members on holidays.

15. No Irritating in-laws is one major advantage

16. Wish to roam around naked when you feel like? No one’s stopping you.

17. It is only you and your sense of decency that determines where and when you leave your dirty laundry.

18. Sharing is a word that you don’t have to deal with

19. Your behavioral changes have nothing to with the fact that someone else is having a bout of jealousy.

20. Your own insecurities are the only ones that you have to deal with.

21. Opportunities such as an out-of-state job no longer pose a problem of decision making at home.

22. You play what you want, when you want and as loud as you want, no ones complaining except the neighbors.

23. falling asleep anywhere you want is not a problem and you certainly don’t have to feel bad about that when you wake up in the morning.

24. No longer do you have to use the excuse that you have a “headache” any longer.

25. No longer do you have to worry too much about the possibility that you can get pregnant.

26. You are the only person who will is ever going to go through your stuff.

27. Your inbox is accessible by only one person and that is you.

28. Needless to say you have more time to spend with your friends and no one is stopping you.

29. If someone cannot stand your parents, you don’t have to make a compromise and stay with that person.

30. If you want to have pizza, no matter if it is the wee hours of the morning; no one is stopping you or asking you why.

31. You can date more often and when ever you like.

32. Falling for the nice looking secretary is allowed.

33. Ever heard of the whole wedding mess? There is nothing of that sort to deal with

34. Your closet is yours only.

35. Forget the unwanted sacrifices that you normally have to make when it comes to watching TV programs.

36. Same goes for reading. You don’t need to make a sacrifice when it comes to reading books.

37. Your time to hit the bed is decided by you and only you.

38. Snoring can be a problem with your partner and not when you have none.

39. You will not have to put up with the unpleasant habits of another person when you are staying alone.

40. If you indulge in fetishes, yours are the only ones that you will have to deal with.

41. Speaking with self and indulging in self conversations are a great plus point when you are staying alone. You will also not have worry about anyone else asking you “what” or getting worried about the levels of your sanity.

42. You can indulge in a bit of religious acts if you love that without getting conscious at any times.

43. Adopting is a great way to promise a better life to someone. Even if you are single you can do that.

44. If you hate annoying friends and specially the one that is living with you, you can relax now.

45. You don’t have to answer the difficult question whether the person you are living with is the one that you love

46. When you are doing things, you do them the way you want to.

47. You have complete control over the thermostat.

48. Any mess at home is done by you only. So you don’t have to worry about any mess done by others.

49. Any disasters whatsoever small it may be are yours only.

50. In the case of an argument happens you have the great option of walking away, forever.

51. Excuses are for others and you don’t need to make them to yourself.

52. Don’t ever pay a heed to the phrase “old maid”. It is a thing of the past.

53. Eat what you please. A simply dinner with frozen burrito? Go ahead and indulge!

54. Cooking and shopping for groceries are for one person only.

55. Your leftovers are secure; no one is going to eat them.

56. Your fridge and your sweets in them are safe. No need to hide them in precarious locations!

57. Your bed is yours only. No sharing.

58. I know some people love to eat on their beds. No one is stopping you from doing it.

59. Go ahead and decorate the entire house the way you want to.

60. Your income is yours only. You don’t have to share anything with anyone.

61. Beware of the simple equation: Marriage Tax Penalty.

62. All debts that you pay will be yours only.

63. Ever imagined being a single parent is actually going to be financially beneficial for your kids? They are eligible for more financial aid.

64. Quarreling couples are a constant reminder of the benefits of living single. At time they are entertainment.

65. You don’t have to worry about your weight or your looks at all times.

66. Ever noticed how married people are always fatter than normal?

67. Enjoy the freedom of looking and also flirting.

68. Being single means you have more freedom to focus on your career and also on your dreams.

69. Whether or not you need to make more money is to be decided by you only.

70. Mood swings can be difficult to handle, especially if they of others. Here all you have to handle is yours.

71. Watch out, there are several single, lonely and extremely psychopathic individuals out there.

72. There will never be an issue with your religious believes.

73. Don’t worry; there are about 6.5 Billion other fish in the market that needs attention. With so many options who needs to stick to one fish?

74. Renting porn? Now you have more options and easier access, not to mention the cheaper deals that you will get.

75. The toilet seat is one less thing that you have to worry about.

76. If you love the fun part and want to avoid the hassle of marriage, go for cohabitation.

77. No more having to deal with some one else’s kids.

78. Well divorce can be a pricey affair.

79. Compliment fishing is a thing of the past.

80. You have to spend fewer minutes with your cell phone stuck to your ear.

81. You have a nagging free life.

82. You can allow the phone to ring for a while.

83. Drinking is never going to attract any issues or clashes at home. As much as you want, where you want and when you want, just go for it.

84. You live a worry free life not having to think about who might be sleeping around.

85. There is going to be more stability at your home, you put things somewhere and they stay there.

86. Need a bit of a time off to meditate? Take all the time you want and when you want it.

87. If you are worrying about who is going to whine about not having eaten is your cat.

88. taking the trash is going to be more on whim than on compulsion.

89. Don’t like to shower often? Or want to stay in the shower for a longer time? Do whatever you please.

90. Another thing you can also leave the door open when you shower.

91. If you wait a bit longer, you will get to know yourself better than needing to know some one else if you haste.

92. If you have children at home then you will understand that they learn the way to treat themselves when they see how you treat yourself.

93. If you have a bad relationship going, it is going to hurt you like a stab in the back, continuing to ruin your work and your day.

94. There is no limit basically to how much eccentric you can be.

95. You can leave your car as dirty as you want or even decorate it as artistically as you want or even take it to the level of unusual.

96. Only you decide how long it should take for you to get ready.

97. No more bitter heartaches when dumped, forget dumping for good.

98. The entire weekend is for you only and your priorities.

99. Remember the really wild friend at a party? Well now you can be that friend with all the erotic stories.

100. Getting laid is going to be more frequent and of course with a lot more variety than earlier.

101. remaining single and enjoying a life on your own is not merely being selfish. You are merely setting your priorities straight and leaving them where they should be. Your happiness comes first of course.




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