100 Things to Talk About on a Date


It can be really on your first date to get a conversation going and though at other times you may be the best conversationalist, the first date has a tendency to make the best tongue tied. It essentially boils down to not knowing what to talk about to your date. Given below are 100 questions that have been carefully prepared to help you start a conversation and enable you and your date to have fun. It can be a truly wonderful experience in getting the other person to talk about some of the things and answer your questions. Do remember not to force him or her to answer questions that are not comfortable and desist from digging deeper into issues that your date does not want to talk about.

1. Which has been your most ideal job till date?

2. Conversely, which has been the worst and why?

3. Can you just take me through your work experience?

4. Who is your best buddy and what do you have to say about him or her?

5. How do you wish to describe your family?

6. What about relatives and your opinion about them?

7. How did you enjoy your first car?

8. Who do you like from the movie world?

9. Who keeps you entertained the most?

10. Which song or tune do you hum most often?

11. Have you come across any life changing events till now?

12. Can you tell me about the very first girlfriend/boyfriend?

13. How about the very first kiss and how did you feel then?

14. Is there anything you feel you should have never done?

15. Have you had a problem with any law enforcing agencies?

16. What is your political ideology?

17. Do you regret voting for a party or candidate?

18. Do you or have you ever done drugs?

19. Is shopping a major hobby for you?

20. How do you relax?

21. What is it that you do to amuse yourself when you are alone?

22. Do you believe and have had one night stands?

23. How do you view the habit of saving money?

24. Any favorite hobbies on which you spend your money on?

25. What would be your reaction if you suddenly came across a $100 bill?

26. What about children? Do you like them and would you want to have them?

27. Do you think you are doing a good job as a parent?

28. What in your opinion are the attributes of a good parent?

29. What is your idea of romance and how romantic are you?

30. Have you ever lost a pet?

31. What was it – a dog or a cat?

32. Do you have any pets that are growing and how are you finding that experience?

33. If you had a choice, would you have walked this path again?

34. Do you snack at midnight and if so, which is your favorite one?

35. How often do you indulge in exercise?

36. Have you ever stumbled upon your parents in an intimate moment?

37. What do you like along with peanut butter?

38. Is there any food that you like the most and will not be able to give up?

39. Which food would you not like to do without?

40. Which drink do you like the most?

41. What in your opinion would constitute a perfect day?

42. Can you tell me the number of CDs you own approximately?

43. What about the DVDs? Can you give me a number?

44. On what do you spend your money?

45. Is there a weird streak in you?

46. What do you keep by your table at bed time?

47. How would you describe yourself – miserly or a happy spender?

48. Have you ever dated two people or loved two people simultaneously?

49. How were you in high school when it came to studies?

50. Did you have a favorite teacher?

51. Have any of your relatives had a brush with law or have been jailed?

52. How do you like your pizza? Do you have any specific topping preferences?

53. Which color do you like the most – Is it white or is it black?

54. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

55. Do you go food shopping regularly?

56. What has been your experience milking a cow?

57. Have you tipped any cow by mistake?

58. How do you prefer to take your bath?

59. Where would you like to go for your holidays – the beaches or the mountains?

60. What is your preferred mode of travel?

61. Which is the one movie you would like to see any time?

62. Is there any movie you do not like at all?

63. Can you recollect any concert that has been the best for you till date?

64. Which drink would you prefer – coffee, beer or wine?

65. Can you tell me about the best holidays you have had till now?

66. If you got the opportunity to just retire right away, how would you react and what would be your plans?

67. Is there any vacation you would not like to remember or talk about?

68. Can you name me three places that you would visit given the opportunity?

69. Have you ever come across a boss you really hated?

70. Given the option to do what you want, how would you use it?

71. Do you wish you had some super powers?

72. Have you ever visited a massage parlor?

73. What in your opinion would make for the perfect romantic feast?

74. Do you regret purchasing anything till date?

75. How did you manage when you did not have money?

76. What would be your perfect Saturday afternoon?

77. Is there any event that you would like to visit irrespective of the ticket price?

78. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

79. Are you close to your family members, siblings?

80. If you won at the lottery, how would you spend the money?

81. Do you have a fetish about neatness?

82. Do you hate any kind of people?

83. Do you like big crowds or prefer being in smaller groups?

84. What is the life span you would prefer to have?

85. How would you react if you lost your sense of hearing or sight?

86. How addicted are you to the internet?

87. What irritates you the most?

88. What is a real annoying habit you have or would like others to get rid of?

89. Which body part of the opposite sex excites you or turns you on?

90. Do you get turned off by anything?

91. Would you like being tattooed?

93. What is your interest or opinion about any piercings?

94. Would you ever consider going in for a plastic surgery or have you already done some cosmetic surgery?

95. Are you a computer freak?

96. Do you like the mountains, trekking etc?

97. Do you like to play or do you play any musical instrument?

98. Have you ever been part of a band?

99. Any moment in your life that has been very embarrassing and you would like to forget?

100. Which countries would you want to visit?



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