10 Things Women Want in a Guy


By nature, it would appear, men are quite simple and gullible. If we find an attractive woman, we would like to meet her. If she turns out to be interesting and good company, we would like to spend more time with her to understand her much better. However, women are not as simple and often have a list of criteria that they refer to before deciding on whether a particular man is good enough for them or datable. Mind you, these criteria are not as simple and it would be useful for us guys to understand them better to improve our chances of impressing women.

So here are ten things that most women have on their wish list and it is important to mention here that they are in no particular order of preference.

1) Freedom or Independence

Women would like to have the assurance that a man would be able to take care of his needs. They seek that a man is financially independent enough, is able to make decisions and can if needed even cook his own meals. As opposed to popular perception, no woman wants to mother you and every woman only wants that you are able to take care of yourself and contribute to a relationship meaningfully. Any male who himself requires reassurance, constant companionship, motivation and assistance is not somebody respected by women and represents a turnoff for them.

2) Overall looks and appearance

It is not for nothing that women are referred to as the fairer sex. They are supposed to be better looking than males. We on the other hand do present an awkward sight with our hairy backs and we should be grateful that they are still willing to devote time for us and spend quality time with us.

It is therefore not surprising that they value good looks but are not very demanding. All they ask for is neatness and a well-groomed appearance and no body odor please. That is something that can put off anybody and women indeed are very particular about this and nobody can blame them for this. In addition, make sure that you wear clothes that are a nice fit and maintain your body shape such that you do not look too obese. A well toned appearance is a nice sight which all of us like in both men and women.

3) A positive attitude

Every woman looks forward to be with somebody who are positive about life and not a cynic. As it is there is enough negativity and depression in the world today and they do not want their partner to add to the same. Hence reflect optimism and positivity always. Occasional cynicism as well as sarcasm can be used to good effect for humor but ensure that you do not have an outlook that is full of doubt and apprehension. Women are aware that spending time with positive people is energizing, contagious and that is why this quality is very much respected and appreciated by them. This is definitely high on their shopping list of criteria that they look for in their men.

4) Presentation and good skills in communication

All of us know that women like to talk and talk. But as men, we cannot afford to be mere listeners and passive in our approach. Women would want equal participation from us and expect their partners to not only listen to them but also contribute to the conversation with our thoughts. It gives them a unique high when their partner shares his thoughts on their desires, wants and aspirations. They feel wanted and become sure that their partner is empathetic to their feelings.

Again, this is not to mean that you should always talk. Women require their men to be attentive, listen patiently and contribute with thoughts at the right time. It is your ability to listen attentively and come out with the right words at the right time that will help you in your relationships with women. That is definitely an art that is not very easy since we have always believed that if you say something, you need to follow it with some action. In the case of women however, that is not the case and you only need to sometimes just patiently listen to them and not appear bored. This may appear difficult but we have no choice and have to learn it quickly to be able to impress and hold on to our women.

5) Social etiquette and poise

Every woman expects her man to be able to follow appropriate social etiquette and have excellent social IQ. They do not prefer that their man remains silent during social gatherings or become cold when in front of strangers. They expect him to be able to break the ice and keep conversation going so that their image is not affected in front of their friends and people do not question them about their choice of partner. Intelligent conversation is what they expect their partner to indulge in as they know that is bound to impress everybody.

6) Smartness and Intelligence

Most women do not just want a hunk for company. While they may not insist on a perfect physique, they are most certainly particular about their partner being smart, intelligent and well read. They hate dumbness and while all of us cannot be an expert on all subjects, the least we can do is keep shut on topics we know nothing about and not expose ourselves by talking about them just for the sake of contributing something. As somebody rightly said, it is better to keep quiet and be assumed a fool instead of opening the mouth and leaving no doubt about it.

7) Ardent Passion

This is an easy one and the reasons are obvious as to why this quality is among the very top on their list. Women should get the comfort feeling that she is in for excitement, adventure, passion and rollicking sex when she is with her partner and it is up to you to convey that impression adequately to her. Again passion is not related or linked only to sex. Women also want you to be passionate about other things, especially concerning humanitarian or environmental concerns. Many men tend to display a lot of passion for a sport or for cars but remember that women are not generally very enthusiastic about these and are looking for something more serious. They are also aware that strong passion can be easily transferred as well to the bedroom and that is why you should exhibit or show the right kind of passion in front of your woman and give her that confidence.

8) A lovely sense of wit and humor

This is yet another quality that women seek in their men. All of us like humor and prefer the company of fun loving witty people than grumpy ones. Now if you are an introvert and not boisterous by nature, you obviously cannot be the centre of attraction in every party, but you must be able to pepper your conversation with some wit and humor or tell a joke occasionally to keep your partner interested in you. Strong intelligence coupled with a sense of humor are qualities that women love.

9. Strong Ambition

Contrary to what men think about women always being obsessed with money, while that may be true about some women, the majority of them only want their partners to have strong ambition and a successful career. They know that a thriving career automatically means heavy paychecks. It also means that men having a good career are also those who are committed, disciplined and possess a strong sense of work ethic. These are also traits that are required in a successful marriage and that is the reason why women tend to gravitate towards those men who are doing well in their professional careers.

10) Great Confidence

A look at the various qualities that women seek and as mentioned above would have given you a fair idea of where you stand. Maybe you could do with some sense of wit or greater level of social intelligence or maybe you simply lack the drive and ambition to really take a huge leap in your career. Whatever your assessment, you need to be sure of one thing that is a sure hit with women. That quality is confidence. Women just love men who exude confidence and even if you are found wanting in any of the above qualities, you must ensure that any of that does not reflect in a lack of self confidence within you.

Confidence is having the ability to recognize and appreciate the qualities you already possess and not bother much about the ones you don’t. This is not to say that you must not work on improving those qualities but just because you are short on them does not mean you should feel despondent and low. So be comfortable with what you possess and make those count in your relationships with women even as you as consistently work on the other qualities and acquire a more rounded as well as complete personality.




  1. For this sentence ” Any male who himself requires reassurance, constant companionship, motivation and assistance is not somebody respected by women and represents a turnoff for them.”

    During Lunch Break, Spend time to observe the working class guys. How many of them always need to eat together?

    There are women who are very afraid of the naturally confident guys because they know they have a hard time controlling them, therefore the useless cannot-make-it guys still will be loved by most women but of course being controlled.

  2. How does a confident man talk to a woman?

    Man and Woman Meet..

    Talk cock for 2 minutes..

    Man Hint the Woman ” Actually I feel like having Sex with you now”.. Man wait for an immediately answer.

    If the Woman Says: ” F**K U PERVERT”, the MAN walk off and never waste his time on her again and search for other Women.

    If the Woman Says:” Well.. ermm.. O..K…”
    He Continued:” Let’s do it”.


  3. Not looking for a Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, as long as the guy is a gentleman and not an arrognant MCP and able to hold a conversation… 😛

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