10 Things that You Should Not Say to a Guy


Ladies should always be careful with some of the words they comment to their guy. Some words are demoralizing and can lead to quarrels, fighting and even break up. Some of these commends include;

1. I do not trust you: When you tell a guy this, you are sending a signal to him that you are about to master his game. Be smart and behave as if you are not after something and you will get the chance to get to the bottom of everything.

2. I hate you: whenever a problem arise in a relationship try as much as possible to be calm. Even if it means breaking up, do not react with anger or build up hatred. Discuss the problem when both of you are in sober state of mind.

3. Why didn’t you call? This question simply mean you are asking the guy why he did not want to call you and the most appropriate answer you will receive is because he didn’t want to call you.

4. When will I see you again? If the guy is interested with your company he will automatically tell you when to see him or even call you. You should not bother yourself to be with a guy who doesn’t want to spend some time with you.

5. Where were you? By asking this question you are showing that your territory is not well secured. Further more, if he there was the need for him to tell you where he was, he could have call you and tell you his where about.

6. Did you sleep with her? Let the past events be history what matters you and him at that time. Act as if there was nothing that happens, let ignorance play the center role and provided that he is not with her at that moment.

7. Being the first one to say I love you: you are expecting him to reciprocate by saying I love you too. However, if the true is opposite, you will be left disgusted and perhaps sense foolishness in you. Take things slow and allow him to be the first to take the move when he is ready.

8. I am pregnant: there are several birth control pills and you shouldn’t allow him to make love with you without using a condom. If you are pregnant then it was your decision to conceive.

9. We need to talk: you should know the right time to bring up issues. Because the moment you tell him this way, he will run to his defenses knowing that the talk will never be pleasing. It good to bring issues nonchalantly when both of you are in a relax mood, not when he is exhausted, stressed up or busy doing something.

10. Where is this going? Some action will automatically give you an idea of where you are heading. Also most of the guys prefer ladies who are easy to handle and enjoy with her without being bothered about future.




  1. These are fucking stupid, sounds like they were written by some woman who should have been in the kitchen.

  2. This looks like it was written by someone without the ability to proof read and someone who has found himself in all of these situations. This was written by a man who finds it important to keep an identity a secret and hope that women will stumble upon this and take this bullshit seriously. It is annoying and I think that majority of this is personal opinion and male bravado.

  3. i feel that some are not avoidable and are quite common even for friends, depending on the country and context!

    it might be kind of bias as it might be leaned onto one side more than the other!

  4. this is crap i said everything before and if its real love he wouldnt mind and cont to love you.
    u poor thing who wrote this :0

  5. There are different kinds of relationships and each one is unique on its own. I don’t believe there are strict solutions to the problems btw couples.

  6. Some of this makes sense, some is crap. Agree with CY…no two relationships are the same….
    but the most basic and simple rule is be honest and communicate your feelings gradually

  7. Wow. So now the fault’s with the girl if she gets pregnant? BOTH the girl and the guy should be taking precautionary measures.

    Load of bullshit. The writer must an irresponsible person.

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