10 Things That a Woman Should Not Hear


At the beginning of any relationship or date, there are many things that a guy can say. But not everything will help you get a second date. So we have compiled this list of things that may not be such a good idea for a guy to say at the start of a relationship.

No. 10 – Criticism of her girl pals

A woman knows for certain that only an insecure man could talk badly about her girl pals. He could only be allowed to comment if he has met them and got to know them. A guy who comments constantly on her girl pals looks as though he considers them to be a threat. The best strategy to adopt is to keep mum and concentrate on other game plans instead.

No. 9 – I will call you back later

This is the oldest strategy used by a salesperson and not a potential boyfriend. Do not be the same all the time. It takes the fun out of the game. Leave it open so that either of you could call one another.

No. 8 – Constant Hint to the Future

Hinting at things to be done in the future is not a very good idea. For instance if she says she loves going to a particular pub and you reply as we should go there together sometime. Stop yourself instantly from doing that. Women love a man who is a not extremely easy to get. This way they will enjoy the hunt far more. When on the very first date you frequently hint for the future than she knows that you have already bit the bait and the hunt is over. The moment she knows that you are into her and the deal is hers she might lose interest quick enough.

No. 7 – How Many Guys Have You Slept With?

Before you ask that question, stop and ask yourself whether you really do want to know the answer to that one. This is a dead giveaway of a person’s insecurity. In fact, if she is the one who broaches the topic it is fine. But, mention that you don’t want to stir up this uncomfortable conversation certainly. You will certainly end up not gaining anything by this.

No. 6 – I called but didn’t get a response from you

The most common mistake that guys make is to let the girl know that they called but there was no response from the other end. In case you are in this situation where in you do not hear from the woman, do not fret. Just proceed from there. A call, that is not reverted and mention of that, indicates to the woman that you care too much already and also sends her off on a guilt trip.

No. 5 – Do you like me?

If you don’t come across as confident how do you expect the woman to like you? Out of all the phrases this is one phrase that a woman really does not want to hear of. Refrain from asking this one. Go on and presume that she likes you, and why wouldn’t she?

No. 4 – What should we do tonight?

A man who has a game plan and a road map is what women look for. Do not call up before you have decided what is to be done. Do not let her decide everything. Deciding is one of the man’s prerogative and don’t give that up. You certainly want to look like a guy she can have a good time with.

No. 3 – Showing Off

The third one is saying anything that sounds like showing off. This could be about your car, job, home or credentials. If you are going to boast about your achievements, than it is the last thing to impress her. Guys who show off have nothing else to talk about for sure. All the things that you own are to be noticed and not mentioned. Hence, cut them out from your conversation.

No. 2 – Can I take you out sometime?

A woman likes a man to lead the way and she to follow. She will really not be impressed by someone who cannot take the load on to his shoulders and make her feel protected and dependent on him. Don’t ask for every little thing. Ask her out confidently and see the response. Use language that is imperative. Try saying why don’t we hit the gym together?

No. 1 – Can I kiss you?

Gosh! How does this sound to the woman’s ears. A kiss is supposed to be the most spontaneous thing to happen between you. This is certainly not going to impress the woman by your politeness.
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