10 Sure Signs She is Flirting With You


The art of flirting is something that everybody must know if they wish to make progress with a relationship with the opposite sex. Though it is a complex skill and many articles have been written on how to flirt without letting the opposite person know that you are doing so, many individuals are not able to make much headway with members of the opposite sex. The reason is these articles give you only one half of the picture and do not emphasize much on the fact that flirting like most skills require a good sense of timing and the person must be able to recognize whether the opposite individual is ready or in the mood to flirt.

Similarly, very often men are not able to make out when a woman is actually flirting with them and lose out on some of the opportunities to take the relationship a step further due to this lack of understanding of woman behavior.

This article informs you about 10 apparent signals given by women indicating their willingness to either flirt or actually telling you that they are flirting with you to seek your attention.

#10. She smiles

A woman is unlikely to just smile at any person across a room and when you have somebody actually smiling at you, make sure you return the smile. The fact that she has identified you amongst many in the room and taken the initiative to smile at you is a definite sign of interest in you and you should not miss this opportunity.

#9. She keeps walking by

When you are standing alone and there is a woman who keeps walking by you rather aimlessly, it signifies her intention to draw your attention. You must seize this chance and engage in some conversation with her. Of course, you must first make sure that she is indeed going out of her way to just walk by you and you can make this out from her body language.

#8. She draws attention to her mouth

One very important physical and alluring part in a woman’s body is her lips and mouth. They are very much aware of this and would invariably try to draw your attention towards that part by either applying a fresh coat of lipstick or gloss or by running her fingers on her lips. Some may even use the straw to sip the cocktail as a very seductive gesture. The woman’s mouth is a tremendously seductive weapon and most of them will use it to their advantage to get the attention they want. You must be alert to such gestures and make use of the opportunities presented by such women as definite indicators of them soliciting your company.

#7. She isolates herself

Having established eye contact, a woman may excuse herself from her group as she is aware that you will not be able to break through this wall of her group. This deliberate action from her is a sure sign of her interest in you and she is indicating to you that she is amenable to a relationship with you. It is now up to you to take it further from here by talking to her and do your bit to develop the contact.

#6. She mimics your body movements

It is a well known fact that two people very much in love with each other tend to imitate certain actions of each other. So if you notice a woman mimicking some of your actions, you can be dead sure that she is interested in you and wants your attention.

#5. She plays with her hair

Like the lips and mouth, the woman’s hair is another potent weapon of seduction which she uses selectively. One very popular gesture is twirling her fingers around her hair or letting the hair fall so as to partially cover an eye. This lends a mysterious look to her persona and is another indication of her interest in you.

#4. She touches you

Any physical contact from her side is a sure sign of flirting and wanting to take the relationship further. So when she gently brushes your arm, shoulder, wrist or hand, you can be rest assured that she is very keen to make progress and you must spare no effort to reciprocate.

#3. She makes eye contact

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and that through the eyes truth can be gleamed. Eye contact is a sign of confidence and trust. She’s stating that she is not interested in games and that her intentions are straightforward. The duration of the eye contact is proportional to her level of initial interest.

#2. She enters your personal space

When someone comes so close to you so as to occupy your personal space by just brushing you with a smile, she is giving you definite hints that she is interested in your company and providing you with a invitation to get to know her better. You need to reciprocate accordingly and demonstrate to her that you are equally interested.

#1. She approaches you to talk

This action is very similar to the earlier one and is a much more forthright approach in letting you know that she means business. By choosing to speak to you, she is cutting through any overt gestures and allows her to gain your singular attention. While talking to you, she may maintain total eye contact, sometimes touch you, imitate you and will do any of the above mentioned flirting mannerisms. This is your chance to impress her and make rapid strides in developing the relationship as quickly as you can.

The above tips are some of the typical gestures that women will make to gain your attention and are by no means exhaustive. It is up to you to remain alert and pick up other gestures and mannerisms that you notice and take full advantage of them.




  1. As a female, I have to say that this article is pretty spot on.

    For guys who like to know more about dating the fairer sex, Lianne’s blog at gettingmrright.blogspot.com gives pretty good real advice. (She linked this article in 1 of her posts which is how I came to read it).

    Looking forward to more articles and how about one for the ladies? ie. 10 sure signs he is flirting with you?

  2. ehhhh.. not so true leh. eye contact is actually to show confidence and it’s also a polite gesture. but good work bro :-)

  3. A good article which is pretty accurate. But at the end, it is not the theory but the results. How successful have you bee, brother?

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