10 Sound Bites to Help Get Over a Crush


Many of us have had crushes over someone or the other as we grew up. Some of us have had the good fortune to convert that crush into a relationship while others have had no option but to just give up and carry on in life. Those who were not successful will find that the experience is not a very pleasant one and keep getting haunted by memories of that person on whom they had a crush. They very often find it difficult to get over it. This article provides tips for such people on how to deal with this situation and create a conducive environment to getting over a crush.

So here are ten tips that can be tried out by you:

1) Cry your heart out

The moment you realize and acknowledge that the person on whom you have a crush is beyond your reach, have no qualms about mourning that loss. Cry your heart out as that will make you feel better and your physical as well as mental being will adjust to the loss. It is a good outlet for all those years or months of pent up emotions that were focused on a one-sided relationship.

2) Put away the things that remind you of your crush

You must collect all items that tend to remind you of your crush and put them away some place so that you do not look at them in the short term and till you can totally get over the loss. The idea is not to eliminate them but just put them at a place that is not very easily reached. In the future, you can always look again at them just to reminisce about the past and you might even be in a much better position emotionally by then.

3) Pen a letter to your crush

Pick up the pen and write down everything you feel at that point in time. Put down your memories, the special feelings you have for the person, the things about the person that attracted you to him or her, the reasons why you think the relationship did not take off and so on. Keep this with you in your private shelf for some days so that you can keep adding whatever you want to in the next few days. You will find that useful since memories of various instances will keep coming back to you and you can keep adding to your letter content. Once you are through with this activity and feel you no longer have anything to add, keep it for some more days and look at it occasionally. After some more days, burn the letter. It is symbolic of you totally letting go of those memories and that will help you a great deal as you come to terms with reality.

4)Get out of your routine and adopt something new

When you start to do some of the things you normally do as routine differently, your mind becomes distracted enough and engaged in that activity. This will allow you no time to keep thinking of your crush. If you still find it difficult to manage, then you must think of moving away to another town and hope that physical distance will help you get over the loss.

5) Develop a hobby

This again should be preferably a new one so that your mind has to concentrate more on it and help you shift your focus away from your crush and all thoughts associated with that person.

6) Form new associations and get introduced to new people

The only way to move away from the past is to enjoy the present and have the best hopes for the future. You can divert your mind by meeting new individuals by joining a club, attending functions, going to the church regularly or even signing up for a course in class. This way you have better opportunities to make new friends and even find a new person with whom you may get along such that a relationship can be developed.

7) Get Out

Do not get cooped up in your house and get into further depression. Move out so that your mind is just not given the chance to brood. The ideal option is to get into physical activity like brisk walking, biking, dancing and so on as these release feel good chemicals within the body and that will make you optimistic about the future.

8) Pamper yourself

You can buy something new and novel for yourself that will make you feel good. Even something like a video game, good shoes, a perfume, and new clothes and so on can make the difference and uplift your mood.

9) Go for a makeover

You can go for a new hairstyle, get a tattoo or some piercing done or just wear something that is totally dissimilar from your normal wear such that you appear much different.

10) Get into exercise mode

There is no substitute for physical exercise as mentioned above and the more you can engage in it, the better for your body as well as mind. You will also get into shape and that will add to your confidence.

The above tips are sure to be of great help to you and they are useful for people of both genders and of any age.




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