10 Least Romantic Gifts for Her


If there is one thing that men get flustered about, it is the choice of gifts for their partners. Each special occasion like the birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day puts them under tremendous pressure as to what to gift their partner. This leads them to delay the shopping activity, till they suddenly realize that they do not have the time and make a last minute rush to pick up something they feel will be appropriate for the occasion. This last minute rush without any plan obviously means that they often pick up the wrong stuff or end up paying a huge amount for something that is not worth the price. It generally is a chaotic situation and this sequence of events repeats itself every time they have to purchase a gift.

The chaos does not end there. In their minds, they justify their purchase thinking that their partner always wanted that particular item they have picked up. It is only when they confront their partner and see the look on her face that they realize how wrong their judgment and perception was.

However, there is hope for such men and the fact is that all this can be avoided with some thought and guidance. Given below are 10 of the least preferred gifts by women and if men can keep away from them, they would be doing them selves and their partners a great favor. The list is not exhaustive but gives you a fair idea of what types to avoid.

No.10 – Tools
Physical tools may appeal to you as a man, but you must definitely not foist them on your partner, though she may have complained to you about a particular gadget or tool not functioning. The reason is that all these are associated with work and that should be the farthest thing on both your minds on special occasions. It just spoils the mood and you would do well to purchase these items some other time, with her consent. Do not give her a nasty surprise with any of the tool type of gifts.

No.9 – Advertised jewelry
You normally will not wrong with jewelry as an ideal romantic gift choice for any woman, but only if the jewelry that you have purchased is in keeping with her taste and has not been just picked up off the shelf following an attractive discount offer. The situation becomes worse if you happen to pick up something that has been endorsed by some celebrity. Your partner will feel piqued that you have chosen something that is very common and not put your mind to select something unique and special for her.

No.8 – Workout gear
This is something you should never opt for as it is subtly telling her to work out more and that she is plump. Though your partner may like to work out, she does not appreciate such signals from you and you can make things pretty worse for yourself by purchasing the wrong size of sports bra or pants. Work out equipment or apparel must definitely rank as one of the least preferred romantic gifts.

No.7 – Gift certificates
This kind of a gift comes across as very impersonal and gives the impression that you are shirking your responsibility. Moreover, you are telling your partner that you just spent about a couple of minutes to buy her a gift certificate and that is something that she would never come to terms with. Women like it when their partner takes the time and effort to purchase something for them. Presenting her cash again is pretty unromantic and very archaic. It is better to gift her nothing than insult her with a cash gift. Make sure you never go down that path ever.

No.6 – A self-help book
A gift like a self-help book is again not romantic and will seem very condescending. If she has certain problems that you feel that she should sort out, there are better ways to handle them and your partner will definitely not like you to tell her about them, however subtle or discreet you are about them. She wants you to hold her in high esteem and does not want you to point out her areas of improvement to her. She wants only praise from you and especially during romantic occasions, it is nothing short of blasphemy to suggest some self-help books to her. Moreover, she would want to tackle any areas of improvement on her own and would not like anybody to remind her about them on such special days. After all, she does not come up with such bloomers during your special days and would want you to reciprocate accordingly. Even though, you may have the best of intentions, such self-help books make for lousy romantic gifts.

No.5 – A pet
You must not take those commercials where they advertise the man surprising his partner with the gift of a pet very seriously. They only look good in commercials and real life is very different. While the gift may be cute, taking care of a pet is serious business and a very big responsibility. The pet would need a lot of care, time and attention besides additional expenses on food, health and other sundry things that would put a tremendous strain on her finance. Moreover, you must remember that it is not in your interest to have even a pet watching you make love to your partner and who knows, she might find the pet more adorable than you and might insist on spending time with the pet. So be careful and do not get carried away with all those advertisements. They are like I said, good for the audience and is not a practical gift.

No.4 – A stuffed animal
This is another gift that is very unromantic and in fact very childish. The gift of a stuffed toy or animal is good for a twelve year old girl and certainly a misfit for a woman. If you still persist and buy something that has other accessories like a perfume or a box of chocolates along with it, you are making a grave mistake and spoiling your chances of conveying a positive impression which you could have achieved just taking the perfume or chocolates. So be careful against purchasing such gifts and save them for somebody much younger.

No.3 – A gag gift
These are gifts that are funny only for the first few minutes and normally only to the guy who has purchased it. Special occasions deserve seriousness and romance that your partner can remember for a long time and diluting it with a gag gift will surely not go down well with your partner. It is the least romantic and your partner is sure to consign such gifts to the back of her cupboard and will discard it at the first opportunity.

No.2 – Sexy lingerie
This seems on the face of it a very good and exciting idea. Your partner will also definitely like this and feel special that you have taken the trouble to buy her lingerie. The only trouble is that as a man, you would go for something sexy and titillating, whereas your partner would have preferred something that is not only sexy but also equally practical and useful. She might not openly show her displeasure, but you can rest assured that she would not be wearing it regularly. It is best advised to buy such items when you go out with her. You will at least be able to check out how best it suits her at that time.

No.1 – Porn
Porn does not excite women the way it does men and while they would like an occasional peek at such supposedly forbidden stuff, they are not likely to get her constant attention. It is also not something she would like to display along with her other collections and hence just does not fit the bill as a good romantic gift.

Of course this list is not always true for all women and it is up to you to know your partner better to decide!




  1. Agree with most of them but I’m personally fine with stuffed animals as long as there’s evidence of it being thoughtfully selected (e.g. picking an animal which he knows I like).

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